Generate qualified MSP leads every month without cold calling or networking.

We help you find, target and market to your perfect customer.
Say goodbye to inconsistent referrals and hello to predictable sales growth.

Chris Marshall

"This has given me the upper hand in my IT business. None of my competitors are doing this. Monthly content and access to an awesome process....Fantastic!"

Chris Marshall
Columbus, Oh

Does your IT business lack a steady stream of quality leads?

If you are anything like me, you already know that finding local businesses looking for a new managed services supplier is a complete pain in the ass.

I know. I used to knock on doors and attend local BNI groups. Hell, I even used to pick up the phone and cold call.

MSP lead generation is hard

It would take me 3 or 4 months just to get a new MSP contract, but it was so busy doing everything else.

I'd go as far as to say finding potential customers interested in our technology solutions was possibly the most challenging part of running an IT business.

I had no idea where to start, and it felt like there was no time in the day to to more.

Growing my managed services company became an afterthought.

I couldn't understand why it was so hard to get local business to speak to me about their technology needs.

Even worse, when I did finally get a sales meeting they would ghost me like the data on a failed RAID array.

I was lost.

The final kick in the groin was the absolutely overwhelming amount of sales and marketing pathways.

What should I spend my precious time on?

Google AdWords? SEO? direct mail? radio ads? social media? telesales? hire a marketing agency? An MSP sales coach?

How would I know which one is the most effective?

The point is:

When it comes to marketing and sales, most MSPs & IT businesses are stuck in the past.

Just like that one client you know still clinging on to Small Business Server - the one that only boots due to a sheer miracle of divine intervention.

If you can relate to this, we can help.

IT Rockstars will transform the way you generate leads for your technology business.

In less than 30 days of joining us, we will help transform how you sell and market your technology business with a laser-targeted sales & marketing system.

IT Rockstars Membership

Here are the 4 components that over 300 MSPs have used to grow their technology business around the world:

Component #1

Position Yourself As The Local Technology Leader With Our Premium Content

Save your time every month, get fresh, timely premium marketing content that is designed to educate and demonstrate the value your business brings to the local marketplace. 

You get access to a dedicated marketing department that builds out a monthly content pack for you to deploy across all your digital and print assets.

Component #2

Fast track your MSP lead generation with our sales and marketing execution guides.

Want a steady stream of leads and introductory meetings with potential new clients? Of course, you do, here's what we deliver to get you there within 4 weeks:

  • A bespoke fresh install of a prospecting system that will give you access to predictable IT sales leads and guaranteed growth.
  • Eye-opening discovery of 3 hidden online resources that give you access to a wealth of local lead data that will allow you to pinpoint "IT buying decision-makers".
  • Discover the unusual MSP lead generation process that will land you "easy to sell" prospects and give you an immediate cash injection.
Component #3

Build An Awesome Lead Gen Pipeline

You'll have so many leads that the problem won't be getting more, but how to handle the abundance of B2B leads sitting on your desk.

Founder of IT Rockstars - Scott Millar, will act as your virtual sales director and help you build:

  • A 3-step direct mail sequence to eliminate the need for cold calling.
  • An appointment setting system you can run on autopilot
  • A pre-sales pipeline that will initiate long-lasting friendships that turn into managed service customers.
Component #4

Accountability & Authority - get answers to the questions you need along the way that stop you from generating leads.

Get your questions answered:

  • An MSP community focused on one thing, growth. Interact and learn from other IT Rockstars members. Our focus is on keeping you accountable to your pre-sales pipeline and our MSP lead generation formula.
  • Appear as a guest on IT Rockstars and share your story with our entire audience. We will act as "agents of influence" and help you establish authority in your local market with our MSP business owner interviews.
  • Prospects will actively seek you out to learn more about how you can help them in their business.

What makes IT Rockstars different from any other MSP sales and marketing solution?

Our typical member recieves on average 2 high quality leads every week. We are exclusively focused on MSPs. We know our DHCP from our DNS and can translate your technology solutions to the market with our white premium marketing content. We've got the industry knowledge from both a technical and IT sales perspective that allows us to deliver marketing & sales system with a depth of expertise you can't access anywhere else.

But don't take our word for it. Check out these testimonials from our members:

Lead Gen Testimonial 1
Lead Gen Testimonial 2
Lead Gen testimonial 3
lead gen testimonial 4
simon edwards review
Guarantee Seal

My Iron-Clad, 100% You-Can't-Lose DOUBLE MSP Lead Generation Guarantee

I'm so confident this MSP lead generation program will help you grow your managed services business long-term that I back it up with a DOUBLE GUARANTEE.

Guarantee #1

100% Money Back Guarantee

A Full 365 Day Refund

Not 30 days, not 90 days but a 1 year guarantee. Take one full year to implement the material and strategy to help you get more leads, clients, cross-sales and win new business. If you are not completely satisfied and see no value, we'll refund every penny.

Cash Guarantee
Guarantee #2

IT Rockstars Super Summit
Free Flight

If you don't make your investment back as part of IT Rockstars, we will provide you with a free flight to the IT Rockstars mastermind as a unique guarantee.

Every year we hold an expert IT Rockstars super summit with the best minds in the business. This seminar is an exclusive in-person event at our Scottish Highland retreat and retails for over $5,000. 

American Airlines 777 Wingtip

"I've tried many marketing programs - I love IT Rockstars as Scott keeps me accountable and focused."

Garry Klein
Adelaide, AUs

Apply for access today,
and receive 3 bonuses that individually cost: $15,498 for free.

I want to reward action takers:

Bonus #1

The Marketing Vault. MSP Lead Generation On Steroids 

($6,749.55 Value)

Access the entire back catalogue of over 391GB - 500 articles, videos, lead magnets, flyers, postcards, newsletters and brochures. It's like having an entire marketing team at your fingertips and is entirely free of charge. Due to the sheer volume of material the vault will be hand-delivered to you in the form of an old-school 3.5" hard drive!

Seagate Hard Drive
Bonus #2

Two Advanced Auto Pilot Lead Gen Solutions ($3,198.99 Value)

The MSP Video Academy - Level up your MSP lead generation - remember when I said you are about to have more leads than you can handle when you join us today? The MSP Video Academy will give you  the upper hand when winning over new business. Imagine having built a relationship with a new prospect even before they've met with you! That's the power of video, and we'll show you exactly how to do it when you join us.

"Shadow System SEO" Fundamentals - Your website is at the top of Google for crucial MSP search terms, and your phone is ringing off the hook. This is no ordinary SEO masterclass. It's one designed for MSPs that want to attract monthly recurring revenue customers. You will be ranking in the top position for hidden "shadow keywords" your competion don't even know exist.

MSP Video Course
Bonus #3

Invite to the IT Rockstars Super Summit ($5,550 Value)

Every year deep in the Scottish Highlands, our high-level members get together to discuss and learn the most advanced cutting-edge sales and marketing tactics being used out in the field.

Imagine having access to a counterintelligence team. An established group of industry experts on hand to discuss and present new opportunities to you. As part of the super summit, you'll get the chance to pick one of three genuinely Scottish experiences over the backdrop of some breathtaking views.

Drummuir Castle
Ready to take action?

Become An IT Rockstar Today

One Month Free trial, no contracts
$149/month free
only 39 spaces remain 
  • Exclusive Direct Access To MSP Marketing Expert
  • Exclusive Monthly Premium MSP Marketing Material & Content
  • Full Access to Community & Live Events
  • Vault Access 5+ Years of (Lead Magnets, Infographics, Landing Pages & Premium Whitelabel Content) 
  • Access To Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
done for you
You Do The IT We DO The marketing
  • Everything In Standard
  • Fully Managed Marketing
  • Strictly For MSPs Only
  • Now Accepting New Clients

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if my competitors are already using your product?

If you are first in the area we will lock out competitors. If there already somebody in your region we will put you on a wait list during the trial period

This means there are no duplicate marketing efforts in any one region. However, it also means our membership is only available to one IT company per area.

Q: Why should I pick IT Rockstars when other marketing companies are offering similar services?

It’s simple – our premium content writers have worked in the IT industry. Both on the operation side (engineer/tech) and the sales side (business development). We know the IT buyer mindset and can help translate your technology solutions to position you as THE local technology leader. There is no other sales & marketing solution available with the depth of knowledge from a technical perspective written in plain English to attract CEOs, small business owners and the "IT buying" decision-makers.

But that's not all - we understand how to sell and market managed services.  Our guarantee to you is that we will help you generate leads by joining our free trial. (This is not a joke we have a system that's taken 5 years to develop) We know your time is valuable so we want to deliver you results in advance.

Can you imagine implementing a marketing system that will pay for itself upfront?

 Take action today.

Q: I'm based in (USA/UK/Canada/Australia) what's the deal with international members?

Most of our members are US/UK based but we accept applications for any part of the English speaking globe.

All prices are in United States dollars and will be converted to your local currency by the payment operator at the time of purchase.


Absolutely! How much are potential customers worth to you? Consider that landing one new client will pay the subscription hundreds of times over (we won't bore you with the math).

But we want you to be the judge. Here's the plan.

1) Sign up for with your details for the free trial.

2) Access the premium area and follow the execution guide.

3) At the end of the month make up your mind. You can cancel anytime with no contracts.

Ready to take action?

Become An IT Rockstar Today

$149/month free
only 39 spaces remain 
  • Exclusive Direct Access To MSP Marketing Expert
  • Exclusive Monthly Premium MSP Marketing Material & Content
  • Full Access to Community & Live Events
  • Vault Access 5+ Years of (Lead Magnets, Infographics, Landing Pages & Premium Whitelabel Content) 
  • Access To Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
done for you
You Do The IT We DO The marketing
  • Everything In Standard
  • Fully Managed Marketing
  • Strictly For MSPs Only
  • Now Accepting New Clients

The MSP growth solution you've been looking for. Here's why:

Dear fellow business owner,

Why should you choose IT Rockstars over any other MSP marketing solution?

I know your pains and what keeps you up at night.

I know this because I've both run an IT business and been part of one in the past.

You've probably been in business for some time and tried marketing solutions with limited or no real-world results.

Your business may have been built on referrals alone?

Who can you turn to for support and sound advice?

That's where we come in.

IT Rockstars exists to transform the way MSPs & Cyber Security Businesses market and sell their services.

We only work in the IT/MSP/Cyber space. Our marketing and sales support processes are custom-built to position and attract high-value monthly recurring revenue clients.

This is your chance to invest and transform your IT sales and marketing processes to a level that will leave your competitors scratching their heads and make your business much more attractive to potential buyers than it currently stands.

IT Rockstars is for more than just your IT business. You'll personally grow due to what's included.

Like everything in life, difficult things usually have the most reward.

We both know you'll succeed.


Scott Millar
Chief Marketing Geek at IT Rockstars

PS: Still have questions before you join? As part of the free trial, you'll get all your questions answered in a complimentary one-on-one session with myself.

Scott Millar IT Rockstars