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Generate qualified MSP leads every month without cold calling or networking.

We help you find, target and market to your perfect customer.
Say goodbye to irregular referrals and hello to predictable sales growth.

"This has given me the upper hand in my MSP marketing. None of my competitors are doing this. Monthly content and access to all the tools....Fantastic!"

Chris Marshall
Columbus, Oh

Does your IT business lack a steady stream of quality leads?

If your anything like me, you already know that finding local businesses looking for a new IT support supplier is a complete pain in the ass.  

I know. I used to knock on doors, attend local BNI groups. Hell, I even used to pick up the phone and cold call.

Once every 3 or 4 months, I'd get a new MSP contract, but it was not an easy task balancing this along with everything else. 

I'd go far as to say finding new leads and contacts interested in our technology solutions was possibly the most challenging part of running an IT business.

What made this situation worse is that I had no clue where to start with "marketing" my IT business. I also had very little time and budget to allocate to any form of marketing.

It was an afterthought, and I used to scratch my head wondering why it was so damn hard to get local business owners to speak to me about their business and technology problems.

When I finally got to a sales meeting, 4 out of 5 quotes were ignored to make matters worse. After the initial meeting, those leads vanished like the data on a failed RAID array.

I was lost.

The final kick in the groin was the abundance of marketing avenues I could take. Where should I spend what little money I had?

Google AdWords, SEO, direct mail, radio ads, social media, telesales, or hire a marketing agency? Would any of these options result in more business, or was I throwing good money away?

Here's the point.  

When it comes to marketing, most MSPs & IT businesses are stuck in the past. 

Just like that one client you know still clinging on to Small Business Server - the one that only boots due to a sheer miracle of divine intervention. 

If you relate to the problems presented here, we can help.  

IT Rockstars will transform the way you market your technology business.

IT Rockstars

MSP Marketing Machine

Position yourself as the local technology leader.

IT Rockstars membership is our flagship program based on 15+ years of experience in the managed services business. We have helped over 300 MSPs implement marketing systems with our proven formula.

Inside the IT Rockstars membership, you will find the most comprehensive knowledge vault of roadmaps and execution guides covering many marketing channels.

At your fingers tips, you will have access to over 500 premium white label articles, videos, landing pages, postcards, brochures, newsletters & lead magnets.

Fill in the blanks with your company name and location and follow the execution guides to predictably grow your IT service business.

Why Should I Become A Member

Of IT Rockstars?

There is no other marketing solution available with the depth of knowledge from a technical perspective written in plain English to attract CEO, small business owners and "IT buying" decision-makers.

Access premium white-label content reviewed before publication by a former MSP business owner, 3rd line engineer & IT Salesperson.

Combined, this elevates our marketing material to help position you as the local technology leader.

My Iron-Clad, 100% You-Can't-Lose DOUBLE Guarantee

I'm so confident this program will help you increase IT leads and sales that I back it up with a DOUBLE GUARANTEE.

Guarantee #1

Full Refund 100% Money Back Guarantee

We will refund every penny if you are not completely satisfied with IT Rockstars and don't get any value from the membership. Take one full year to implement the material and strategy to help you get more leads, clients, cross-sales and win new business. If you are not completely satisfied, we'll refund every penny.

Guarantee #2

Free Flight + IT Rockstars Super Summit

Every year we hold an expert IT Rockstars super summit with the best minds in the business. This seminar is an exclusive in-person event at our Scottish Highland retreat and retails for over $13,434. If you don't make your investment back as part of IT Rockstars, we will provide you with a free flight to the IT Rockstars mastermind as a unique guarantee.

"I can directly account for three new managed service contracts due to the steps I took outlined in the marketing roadmap."

Eric Kennedy
Bristol, UK

IT Rockstars contians 

9 Key Components:

Component #1

Execution And Action Guides - How to market your technology business effectively.

A no-nonsense discovery series designed to transform how you attract high-quality leads to your technology business.

Fast track your lead generation with these quick wins:

Tech Business Website 101- Are you missing these crucial elements from your website?

Years of experience helping 100's of technology businesses have allowed us to create a checklist of critical elements your website must-have. Like a leaky bucket of water, you'll never be satisfied no matter how much you fill it up. Discover the website gaps you must plug to convert more web traffic into IT sales meetings.

Stand out from the crowd with impactful branded videos.

Every month, we supply our white label video content you can use in your social media feeds. We walk you through every step of the process to brand, publish and promote our technology know-how videos to your audience. Download and embed your company logo onto these high-definition reels.

LinkedIn Optimization Guide - What misconceptions might you unknowingly expose on your LinkedIn profile?

Set up your online presence for success. Cross-check your LinkedIn profile against our optimization guide to help convert more prospects into taking action when they view and interact with your online profile.

Scheduling Tool Optimization - Are you tired of being ghosted and sales meetings leading nowhere?

Over time, you'll come to learn the best converting landing pages and calls to action direct prospects to your scheduling tools of choice. We cover the crucial not to be forgotten integrations you should have in place for successful sales appointments.

How to prospect for potential IT clients like a boss - The one mind trick you can use to build the technology business of your dreams.

Imagine living the same day over and over again. Like Bill Murray in Groundhog day, sometimes being in business can feel the same. Design the future of your dreams and attract the suitable types of future customers with the IT Rockstars "perfect day" formula.

Conversion-Focused Landing Pages - A simple shortcut you can apply for more high-quality leads.  

Many of us spend hours detailing how our website looks and feels. Just like the opposite sex, it's not all about looks. Use our pre-built landing pages to help pull the technology pain points your prospects have with copy that converts.

MSP Social Media Mastery: Are you getting the engagement you deserve across your social media channels?

Leverage social media with one tool that directs all the traffic to your website and positions you as a technology leader. Your social media presence demands quality engagement of prospects.

Retargeting - A covert operation you can deploy to leave your competitors in the dust.

Have you ever shopped for a product online and put it off? Then you suddenly start seeing that same product advertised across your social media feed. It's not only the Jeff Bezos of the world that has access to this marketing technology.

We'll show you how to retarget and cookie those hot prospects interested in your services.

Delegation Implementation - 3 Marketing tasks you need to outsource (and how to do it).

Your time is valuable - don't get trapped in the trivial technicalities of marketing - no matter how tempting it may be, you know deep down, deciding what not to do is as important as choosing what to do.

The Ultimate Guide To CRM Sales Management

Manage prospects effectively in your CRM pipeline. You and your sales team will discover how to keep track and never lose track of your targets in this easy to use guide.

Component #2

Get more sales meetings with our Monthly Swipe Files

Every month, get fresh, timely marketing content that converts prospects into leads with words that empower future customers into taking action.

Our dedicated marketing department builds out a monthly content pack you can use however you wish. You will receive swipe files to educate and demonstrate your business's value to the local marketplace.


  • 4 x Premium White Label Articles
  • Brandable Technology Video
  • Lead Magnet
  • Video Script
  • Plug and Play Landing Page

You could hire a marketing agency or use cheaper marketing content which is readily available across the web. However, what sets our marketing content apart is the depth of knowledge we have in the managed services industry.

We know the tools you use and the frustrations your clients have with their tech. We translate these emotions and knowledge into educational makreting content that allows potential customers to understand the value of the technology solutions you offer.

Component #3

Start running successful marketing campaigns that get you leads using the MSP Masterclass series.

The MSP Video Academy

We'll show you the marketing techniques that will make your competitors envious of your online digital presence, with the bonus that it takes only 2 minutes daily to implement.

Module 1:

If you are anything like me, you may have a fear or reluctance to appear on video. This module covers the steps to overcome any pre-conceived thoughts and outlines precisely the opportunity and results in you'll get from this course.

Module 2:

Find out some of the best content ideas that have successfully been used in the past by MSP/IT owners when recording their videos. This includes topics you can relate to your content pillars. (We'll also cover what doesn't work)

Module 3:

Technical Setup, lights camera, action. In this webinar, we'll have a professional journalist cover the technical aspects of shooting incredible video with just your phone.

Module 4:

It's one thing recording and posting a video online. It's an entirely different way to get people to watch your video.

We'll outline the exact process to give your videos maximum online exposure to a local audience of business owners.

Module 5:

Learn the secret of "engagement intelligence", including setting up a highly crafted advertising campaign that will allow you to be in front of your prospects every day.

You'll gain many followers, and your online audience will expect to hear from you regularly.

Module 6:

You will learn the copywriting secrets to a successful IT business homepage. Once your prospects start taking an interest in you, they will visit your website. Learn advanced copywritten techniques with templates you can use on your homepage to get website visitors to take action.

MSP SEO Masterclass

This MSP SEO course is specifically designed for managed service providers or those looking to attract monthly recurring revenue customers. It will set your business website up to win the top spot in the local search for highly sought after terms.

Module 1:

How to generate and get listed in 300+ business directories.

The simple line of JSON code you need to include on your website that tells Google exactly what it wants to know to rank you top spot.

How to identify what your local competitors are doing to get on the 1st page. Copy what's revealed to gain top position. 

Module 2:

Internal site structure every MSP should follow to manipulate Google page rank to their advantage. Learn the perfect meta titles and descriptions to drive more traffic to your IT support business website.

Module 3:

Do you have an IT support blog? Follow our content strategy to engage all of your prospects and website visitors on how to effectively decrease the bounce rate and get more website visitors to fill out your contact form. How to win the "rich snippet" war and gain position zero for many local search terms to leap frog your competitors.

Module 4:

Find easy wins where you can get local authoritative backlinks to help improve your website's trust signals that Google will love.

Learn the key terms IT buyers are typing into Google before they call you - these terms are an eye-opener that every MSP needs to know.

Brandjack your competitor's name in the search, so your web properties get listed on the 1st page when someone types their business name.

MSP Google Ads Masterclass

An IT sales strategy takes "cold" web traffic and converts them into high-quality prospects who want to know your pricing.

Module 1:

If you've run Google Ads in the past, you may have been burnt or given up due to the prohibitive costs. Learn the mind-shift you need to undertake to realize the opportunity Google Ads can have in your IT business.

Module 2:

Dial in on the exact type of prospects you want to attract using a unique keyword tool specifically designed for IT businesses.

Module 3:

Imagine having $1000 to test Google Ads within this module. We whip out our credit card and apply a $1000 budget to a campaign specifically optimized for one lucky MSP.

You get to watch over our shoulder as we drive traffic and high quality leads. Will we succeed or fail miserably?

Module 4:

Negative Keywords are just as crucial as golden keywords. Learn how to optimize your ongoing campaigns to maintain an unfair advantage over your competitors and eliminate costly Google Ads campaigns for your IT support business.

LinkedIn & Meta Advertising Masterclass

Want to know the secrets to successful paid campaigns on LinkedIn & Meta's platforms?

We dive deep into targeting IT decision-makers with a "full-funnel" methodology that drives the engagement of your brand no matter where your potential customers are in the IT buying cycle.

MSP Email Marketing Masterclass

Grab our email templates and automation campaigns and discover how to build, tag and automate email marketing campaigns that get results.

MSP Super Sales Masterclass

We'll show you how to write, present and close proposals effectively, including pricing your services to supercharge profit margins and keep new customers happy.

Component #4

Q&A Sessions - Remove those sales and marketing roadblocks that stop you from taking action in our weekly Q&A sessions over zoom.

Component #5

Toolbox - Get more time back in the day using our marketing automation tools. Spend less time on marketing and more time speaking to new leads.

Component #6

Vault Access - No other online source covering technology topics exists. Access the entire back catalogue or marketing material. Over 500 files & technology topics were covered.

Component #7

IT Rockstars Forum - Are you a modern MSP? Or just providing IT support?

Our forums are full of peers that pride themselves as modern MSPs.  

Interact, learn and partner with similar peers in the managed service space. Discover how they are selling modern MSP services (not just proactive IT support but helping achieve business goals using technology investment ) to their existing clients with the help of IT Rockstars.

Component #8

The Lifetime License -  Learn how successful MSPs are taking advantage of software tools you've never heard about.

Every month we offer one lucky member a lifetime license to MSP vendor software.

Component #9

IT Rockstars Hall Of Fame - Does the local business community know who you are?

Establish authority in your local marketplace and become featured on IT Rockstars. Every year we select top members to share their business stories with our entire audience. A 60-minute in-depth interview about your technology business. The interview can then be used to establish you and your business as an expert authority.

Many shy away from interviews and video recordings. 

We hold your hand at every stage of the way with a proven framework that will transform even the most introverted MSPs. IT Rockstars will be your agent of influence. Prospects will actively seek you out to learn more about how you can help them in their business.

Plus 3 Awesome Bonuses:

Bonus #1

The IT Rockstars welcome pack

You will receive an extra special gift in the mail from us. Three unique physical items are priority mailed to you. We won't divulge to you precisely what these are but rest assured they make you think differently about how to grow you're of your technology business and attract higher-quality clients.

Bonus #2

The 60-minute marketing reality

Discover the business opportunities that are right under your nose.

Every new member gets a 60-minute one-to-one with our MSP marketing expert at IT Rockstars (Scott Millar). In these 60 minutes, we will analyze your current sales and marketing strategies, website, process and tactics and devise a custom roadmap to get the best bang for your buck from IT Rockstars.

You will get fresh eyes looking at your business from a unique perspective: insights and expert advice on what you are doing right and where examples of success from our other members that you can take action on.

Bonus #3

Invite to the IT Rockstars Super Summit

Every year deep in the Scottish Highlands, our high-level members get together to discuss and learn the most advanced cutting edge sales and marketing tactics being used out in the field.

Our counterintelligence team, an established group of industry experts, is on hand to discuss and present opportunities. You'll need a clear head, so as part of the summit, you'll have the chance to pick one of three genuinely Scottish experiences over the backdrop of some breathtaking views.

Ready to get started?

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"I've tried many marketing programs - I love IT Rockstars as Scott keeps me accountable and focused."

Garry Klein
Adelaide, AUs

What makes IT Rockstars different from any other MSP marketing service?

We're not just another IP address. We know our DHCP from our DNS and can translate your technology solutions to the market with our white label marketing content. We've got the industry knowledge from both a technical and IT sales perspective that allows us to deliver marketing content with a depth of expertise you can't access anywhere else.