Generate qualified MSP leads every month without cold calling or networking.

We help you find, target and market to your perfect customer.

Say goodbye to irregular referrals and hello to predictable sales growth.

Does your IT business lack a steady stream of quality leads?

If your anything like me, you already know that finding local businesses looking for a new IT support supplier is a complete pain in the ass.  

I know. I used to knock on doors, attend local BNI groups. Hell, I even used to pick up the phone and cold call.

Once every 3 or 4 months, I'd get a new MSP contract, but it was not an easy task balancing this along with everything else. 

I'd go far as to say finding new leads and contacts interested in our technology solutions was possibly the most challenging part of running an IT business.

What made this situation worse is that I had no clue where to start with "marketing" my IT business. I also had very little time and budget to allocate to any form of marketing.

It was an afterthought, and I used to scratch my head wondering why it was so damn hard to get local business owners to speak to me about their business and technology problems.

When I finally got to a sales meeting, 4 out of 5 quotes were ignored to make matters worse. After the initial meeting, those leads vanished like the data on a failed RAID array.

I was lost.

The final kick in the groin was the abundance of marketing avenues I could take. Where should I spend what little money I had?

Google AdWords, SEO, direct mail, radio ads, social media, telesales, or hire a marketing agency? Would any of these options result in more business, or was I throwing good money away?

Here's the point.  

When it comes to marketing, most MSPs & IT businesses are stuck in the past. 

Just like that one client you know still clinging on to Small Business Server - the one that only boots due to a sheer miracle of divine intervention. 

If you relate to the problems presenter here, we can help.  

"Unfair Advantage"

Chris Marshall - Columbus, OH

"This has given me the upper hand in my MSP marketing. None of my competitors are doing this. Monthly content and access to all the tools....Fantastic!"

"Prospects Contacting Me"

Garry Klein - Adelaide, AUS

"I've got local business owners messaging me on LinkedIn asking to talk. I've not had to do any outreach what so ever."

"Worth Every Penny"

Erik Kennedy - Bristol, UK

"I can directly account for three new managed service contracts due to the steps I took outlined in the marketing roadmap."

IT Rockstars will transform the way your market your technology business.

Stop spending thousands on your marketing efforts and start a targeted marketing approach that fits your sales and follow up process.

Your biggest opportunity is right in front of your eyes

Qualified leads are the number one item that can help grow your business.  Our IT marketing system is an out the box solution that fits most MSPs & IT firms business models.  Our goal is to help you generate more qualified leads for your sales pipeline.

Fresh Marketing Content Every Month

Attract  IT buying decision-makers effortlessly with our monthly technology marketing content pack.

Crafted to educate and demonstrate the value your business brings to the local marketplace.

Four premium articles, lead magnet and video, are delivered to you every month.

Educate your online connections about the technology solutions you provide.

Automated MSP Marketing tools to save you time

Get the attention your business deserves across multiple marketing channels with our marketing automation toolset.  Your business will stand out and get noticed.

Specifically designed to save you time, our toolset will publish and share the marketing pack content across your blog and social media properties to drive highly targeted traffic to your website.

MSP Marketing Copy that converts

Transform the way your website speaks to prospects and get them to make contact. There's nothing worse than spending all that marketing budget and for it to fall over at the last hurdle.

Use our demand generating email and landing page templates that will turn average website visitors into paying customers.

World-class copywriters specifically craft our landing pages for the sole purpose of getting you in front of more IT buying decision-makers.

Core MSP Marketing Fundamentals Knowledge Vault

A refined marketing roadmap for your MSP no matter what stage your business is at.

It's not all about marketing - you need the strategy to - that's is why we've built the MSP Marketing Knowledge Vault.  Access a rich content library that will help you plan and devise a marketing strategy that your business can use to implement a lead winning formula..


Build An Audience of "IT Buyers."

The Knowledge Vault will help you build a highly targeted list of potential customers. Say goodbye to accepting cheap clients and hello to quality customers who understand managed services' actual value.


Educate and Attract Business Owners, CFOs & IT Managers

Our roadmap videos will help you build an MSP marketing machine for your business. Once created, local business owners will know who you are and what your business has to offer them. They'll be attracted to you and welcome your technology expertise.


Win quality customers like clockwork

Our MSP industry experts will show you how to convert your marketing audeince into paying customers. No longer will you meet with prospects and chase them for a decision on your quotes. They'll make buying decisions quickly and pay higher prices to have you as their MSP.

We Only Work With MSPs

Our philosophy is simple; we only work with managed service providers. If you are still providing break-fix charge by the hour IT support, this is not for you. Working with MSPs allows our marketing system to be hyper-focused on the managed monthly recurring revenue IT buyer.

MSPs Serverd

A Global MSP Marketing Solution Serving USA, UK, AUS & CA

Swipe File Access

Access our entire past catalogue of premium white -label content.


Guaranteed growth join our MSP peer group or your money back.

3 bonuses to take your MSP to the next level.

Bonus 1:
The MSP Video Academy

Take control of your IT marketing by learning how to use video to dominate your local online business community. With almost no budget and very little time required, we'll help transform your technology business into the number one go-to name when someone has an IT problem.

Originally sold at $2,500, access to the academy is included in our standard membership.

Bonus 2: 
Rank top spot in Google

Learn how to get your MSP website to the top spot in the local search results for keywords such as "IT Support", "Cyber Security", & "Managed IT" and start outranking your local competitors
We have included this in our welcome pack to all new members.

Receive the book - Bear Attack SEO for MSPs.

Bonus 3:
Your Unique MSP Growth Plan

You'll receive 3 one to one zoom calls to help you get started with our service.

We'll set some numbers in these calls to help you achieve the new MSP customers you desire.

You'll have direct access to our resident MSP marketing expert to create a growth plan for your technology business.

What makes IT Rockstars different from any other MSP marketing service?

We're not just another IP address.  We know our DHCP from our DNS and can translate your technology solutions to the market with our white label marketing content.  We've got the industry knowledge from both a technical and IT sales perspective that allows us to deliver marketing content with a depth of expertise you can't access anywhere else.

Lock out your competitors and claim your area today.


IT Rockstars Membership




  • Premium White Label Marketing Content
  • MSP Marketing Automation Toolset
  • VIP Masterclass Access 
  • MSP Email Marketing Templates
  • MSP Wordpress Plugins
  • Monthly MSP Peer Group Call
  • Peer Group (max 8 people)
  • Content Archive Access

Win more managed service contracts

The simple fact is that your average MSP client is worth anywhere between $36,000-$60,000 for their lifetime value. That's about $1000/month.

This does not even include project work or hardware. 

Use IT Rockstars to acquire just one monthly recurring revenue client, and the membership will have paid for itself many times over.

Why should I join? Wouldn't I be better to:

Hire a marketing agency - you'll pay at least $500 a month on retainer and be locked in for a minimum term. IT Rockstars membership can be cancelled at any time.

Hire a salesperson - great idea if you can afford to feed another mouth. A salesperson expects the leads to be there already. The harsh reality is that you need a marketing strategy before you start any form of sales. IT Rockstars gives you both a predictable monthly cost.

money back
100% Satisfaction-Guarantee +
Full Refund & Free Flight ✈

If you are not completely satisfied with IT Rockstars and don't get any value from the membership, we will refund every penny.

We'll also provide you with a free flight to the IT Rockstars mastermind as an extra special guarantee. This location is where our inner circle members attend an annual IT marketing boot camp.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • You get the opportunity to lock out the competition. We can only supply this content to one IT company locally.
    This means there are no duplicate marketing efforts in any one region. However, it also means our subscription is only available to one IT company per area. Your details are checked against our database at the time of order. If there is a local competitor, we will add you to a wait-list, and you will not be charged.


  • It’s simple – our premium content writers have worked in the IT industry. Both on the operation side (engineer/tech) and the sales side (business development). We know the IT buyer mindset and can help translate your technology solutions to the white label marketing articles.


  • Our service is charged on a monthly basis. You can cancel at any time with no notice required.


  • We provide US, UK & Australian voice narration on our explained videos. White label articles come in both US & UK English spelling.
    All prices are in United States dollars and will be converted to your local currency by payment operator at the time of purchase.


  • Absolutely! Consider that landing one new client will pay the subscription many times over (we won't bore you with the math).

    But we want you to be the judge, here's the plan.

    1) Sign up for with your details.

    2) Access the premium area and follow the marketing roadmap.

    3) At the end of the month make up your mind. You can cancel anytime with no contracts.


    IT Rockstars Membership




    • Premium White Label Marketing Content
    • MSP Marketing Automation Toolset
    • VIP Masterclass Access 
    • MSP Email Marketing Templates
    • MSP Wordpress Plugins
    • Monthly MSP Peer Group Call
    • Peer Group (max 8 people)
    • Content Archive Access

    Dear fellow business owner,

    Technology businesses are some of the worst at marketing. I'm here to change that.

    I wouldn't be offering this service if I did not believe in the power of what we're doing with many within the IT Channel.
    I know your pains and what keeps you up at night.

    I know this because I've both run an IT business and been part of one in the past.

    There's just not enough time in the day to do everything. That's why IT Rockstars exists - once you implement the tools, materials and process on a consistent basis, you'll have a powerful marketing system that will support the future growth of your business..

    This is your chance to transform your IT sales and marketing processes to a level that not only your competitors but many businesses will be in awe of.

    IT Rockstars is not just for your IT business. You'll personally grow due to what this membership includes.

    Like everything in life, the difficult things usually have the most reward.

    That's why I'm asking you to challenge yourself.
    We both know you'll succeed.

    Scott Millar

    Chef Marketing Geek at IT Rockstars

    PS: Still got questions before you join us?

    Access our on demand webinar.