The 1st position in the Google search results page only gets 33% of the clicks.  

That means the majority of search traffic goes to other positions on the page.

What does this mean for you business, product or service?  If you have a competitor with a similar offering you can leverage their branded search results. 

In this video we demonstrate the first part of a two part SEO experiment where we attempt to brand jack a local IT company in Aberdeen (The Tech Force).

Here's the statistics on search engine ranking percentages:

Search percentages

What this means is that 66% of search traffic goes to the other 9 search result listings.  This allows us (the competition) to highjack the first page or results for product names & brand names.

Hijacking your competitors keywords does take some grit and you have to be careful if your competitor has a trademark on the keyword your are targeting.  Stay tuned for part two of this experiment where we check out the results.