Let's face it there is a multitude of marketing channels out there at your disposal. Picking the right one can seem a bit like an arranged marriage. You don't know what you're going to end up with.

In this article, I will discuss why content marketing should be used as a marketing channel for your MSP and why it's a match made in heaven.

As a bonus, I'm going to give away some of the top-performing headlines our members have used to drive high-quality prospects to their website.

Why does content marketing work so well for MSPs?

It's simple there are an endless array of topics and content opportunities at your disposal. Every week we see another cyber attack, new technology and something that needs to be explained in plain English to your local business community.

Your opportunity here is to become the local technology leader through educational, informative content that will allow local business owners to make the right decisions on technology.

The sheer volume of topics you can cover in a weekly content marketing campaign gives you the chance to target precisely the types of tech you love using and deploying.

Way back in 2008, I used to love installing Citrix Presentation Server (Virtual Apps). At the time, there were several business types that this worked well in—usually multisite environments with a limited budget for VPN connectivity.

Citrix was the answer at the time, and if I've had the correct content marketing strategy, I could have cornered the market with the technology at the time.

The same opportunity is open for you today in your MSP. What Azure application might fit a particular type of business really well? Do you have one client you've built something on Azure that they love and could not live without?

Your chance here is to replicate this to similar businesses. A case study using content marketing will help elevate your MSP above the competition.

Now to the crux of content marketing - you can help educate your prospects on the value you bring to the marketplace using content.

Instead of quoting that prospect and telling them why XYZ technology is excellent for their business, you can drip our quality blog posts, articles and newsletters to a targeted prospect list that will start to engage with your content.

The effect this has is that when you finally do get down to business and quote for any work, you have the opportunity to charge a higher value as you'll be perceived in a different light due to the content you are regularly publishing to the local market.

MSP Content Marketing Tactics

One thing I've learnt with the content that I produce for my marketplace is that you need to give results in advance. This basically equates to positioning your content in a way that the reader can take away information they consume in the content and use it in their business today.

There's a simple process you can follow to get your content in the hands of your ideal customers and get them to take action. We walk our members here at IT Rockstars through this process, and I'm going to give you the high-level overview in just a few simple lines of text:

  1. Identify your ideal prospects using LinkedIn Sales Navigator.
  2. Mail them an item in the post with a QR code that drops a cookie on their mobile device.
  3. Start publishing your content across multiple platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Google Display Network in conjunction with the cookie)
  4. Compound your Content
  5. Follow up with the prospects on the phone or via a could email.

This five-step process works amazingly well. So well, in fact, that you might right now be part of my own content marketing campaign and have a cookie of mine installed on your device.

You'll start to see me appear on your timeline, and if I catch your attention, you may even watch one or two of the videos I post out.


Okay, now for the real juice - I've planted this idea in your head about content marketing and how you could use it for your IT business.

There's one big question you might have - how do I write content regularly for my MSP that engages my prospects and helps them make the right decisions on the technology to choose for their business?

The first place I always look for ideas is the helpdesk. Those recent tickets that are sitting as closed can tell you a story about what your business is doing in the marketplace with technology. How did you help that last user?

If I'm ever stuck for an idea, this is precisely the place I turn to but not always. You see, your content not only has to explain technology in plain English, but it also has to have some thought leadership behind it, so it attracts the CEOs and business owners. We want our content to talk directly to the owners, founders and chief executives.

Now a little secret here - if you think this is all a bit overwhelming, don't worry. Here at IT Rockstars, we provide four high-quality articles every month that our members can use as they were their own and publishes to their marketing channels.

As a bonus, we also have a WordPress plugin that will automatically publish the content to your blog and share it across all of your social media accounts at the click of a button.

Oh yeah I almost forgot see below for some of the top preforming headlines we've used with in our MSP marketing content this year.

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21 Top Preforming MSP Marketing Headlines

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