Merry Christmas you flithy animals!

This is the "free version" which allows website visitors to enter their email address and search for breaches using the HaveIbeenPowned API.

The premium version (released next week) will record email addresses entered into the search bar and display them in the WordPress dashboard.

Install Instructions

1) Upload Plugin

2) Activate

3) Navigate to Settings > Cyber Search Settings

4) Enter API Key 

5) Use the following shortcode in any page/post of your website:

6) You can customise the text that the search window displays withing Cyber Search Settings

Cyber Search WordPress plugin is currently in beta.

This means that there's no support for it but if you spot a bug or want to feedback on what we can improve please contact

Premium Version

The premium version will be available shortly.

This will allow you to record who is entering their email address into the search bar. Emails will be stored in the WordPress dashboard. This is a very useful tool when prospecting for new clients.

Enter your email here to be alerted when the premium version is available.