3 Powerful Lead Magnet Ideas for your Cybersecurity Marketing

By Scott Millar •  Updated: 07/12/20 •  2 min read

Are you looking to attract more prospects and leads into your MSP or Cybersecurity business?

Having a library of lead magnets set up on your website and regularly shared across your social media channels can achieve this goal.

In this article, we’ll be outlining some of the best lead magnets for IT Support companies and cybersecurity firms.

The Cyber Security Policy Template


A no-brainer, back in the day, any IT firm had a template that they would share with their clients to help form an internal IT policy. This covered things like BYOD, acceptable use of equipment and password policies.

Times have moved on, and IT policy templates are ten-a-penny. Most firms don’t have an active Cyber Security Policy for their staff. Make it your opportunity to add value to existing clients and share the template across your digital media channels. The beauty of using this as a lead magnet is the fact that it usually calls out and targets the specific person in a business that’s in charge of IT buying.


Awareness Lunch and Learn Powerpoint

We all know that the most significant security hole in a business is the awareness of threats by staff. A great way to solve this is by hosting regular lunch and learns and actively raising the awareness of threats to the organisation.

Obviously, it’s better if this is done by you but offering a PowerPoint template on the topic to prospects so they can run their own internal lunch and learns is a great way to drum up downloads.

The great thing about this lead magnet is that you probably already have a PowerPoint on the topic, so it’s just a case of making sure it’s branded up and hosted behind an email action form on your website.

Large Media Infographic

We have all seen infographics on many tech topics, but what if you offered a large format version of an infographic that was specifically designed to be printed and placed on an office wall?

Again one of the best topics to cover would probably be cybersecurity awareness.

As an added bonus, you could print off hard copies of the poster and mail out to your prospects and existing clients. I’m sure an incumbent IT provider would go red in the face if they saw one of these hung up on an existing client’s wall.

Scott Millar

Scott Millar has helped over 300 IT service businesses transform their marketing and position them as the local technology leaders in their area.