Kickstart Your MSP Google Ads Campaign With This Essential Masterclass

Google Ads for MSPs - What You'll Learn

Start generating IT sales meetings with Google Ads

  • Eliminate costly Google Ads campaigns for your IT support business.
  • An IT sales strategy that takes "cold" web traffic and converts them into high-quality prospects that want to know your pricing.
  • Guaranteed to help you dominate the top spot of page #1 for those golden keywords like "IT Support", "Out Sourced IT", & "Cyber Security" within 30 days or your money back.

"Step by Step Guide - I really enjoyed this. Not only is it a good common sense approach. The knowledge is good for any industry. There is also very valuable tips and content specifically for the Technology industry. If you own an IT business chances are you’d benefit from this. It’s very quick with an implementation plan."

Joel Couch

MSP Business Owner

Joel Couch - Bear Attack SEO Book Review

Google Ads MSP Masterclass Overview

We've worked with over 250 MSPs to help generate more leads and win new business. This Google Ads MSP masterclass is specifically designed for managed service providers or those looking to attract monthly recurring revenue customers.  It will set your business website up to win the top spot in the local search for competitive keywords at a fraction of the cost.

Here is the class overview:

Module 1 - An Unusual Mindset

If you've run Google Ads in the past, you may have been burnt or given up due to the prohibitive costs.

Learn the mind-shift you need to undertake to realise the opportunity Google Ads can have in your IT business.

Having the correct frame of reference and how to budget effectively for Google Ads is a game-changer.

No more will you see the ads as a cost, but in stark contrast, for every $1 you put in, the magical Google machine will hand you out $5 in return.


Keyword creation and segmentation is crucial to successful ad campaigns.

In this module, we help you dial in on the exact type of prospects you want to attract using a unique keyword tool specifically designed for IT businesses.

Learn about the importance of having a quality landing page what elements to include to help convert cold website traffic into quality leads.

Plus, an introduction to the IT Rockstars Plug And Play landing pages specifically designed for MSPs.

Module 3 - Copy That Converts

Imagine having $1000 to test Google Ads with - in this module, we whip out our credit card and apply a $1000 budget to a campaign specifically optimised for one lucky MSP.

You get to watch over our shoulder as we drive traffic and high quality leads.

Will we succeed or fail miserably?

Learn by our mistakes and watch how we implement copy that converts top-tier IT buyers to click our ads. As a bonus, you will be provided with the winning ads and copy for your own campaigns.

Module 4 - Expert Authority

Negative Keywords are just as crucial as golden keywords. Learn how to optimise your ongoing campaigns to maintain an unfair advantage over your competitors.

We also expose the hidden formula successful MSPs use that run multimillion-dollar businesses. Use this information wisely to transform the way you acquire new customers.

Finally, we introduce you to an inner circle of authority and expertise to make your Google Ads investment pay multiples many times over for the small price of this Masterclass.

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