I had an interesting conversation with one of our newest members - they wanted to know how to get better traction on LinkedIn.

Having already established a good contact user base, they asked the question: How can I stay top of mind to my LinkedIn connection?

There are a few tactics that come to mind, which I will outline for you here.

1) The reach out method.

Many are sick and tired of getting spammed on LinkedIn - you get some generic message about a new event or a sales pitch sent directly into your LinkedIn messenger for people you are already connected with.

This happens to me on a weekly basis, and I'm sure it's something you can relate to.

How do you reach out without seeming too pushy? Simple stop messaging - change things up.

Did you know you can send video messages to your connections?

This is a super powerful method of reaching out to established LinkedIn connections - yes, you could pick up the phone and talk, but why not try sending a direct video message asking for a call.

This will give your reach out the request a much more personal touch which will more than likely lead to them accepting the first step in opening up a conversation.

2) The data hack method

Back in the good old days of LinkedIn, you could quite easily export all of your LinkedIn connections personal details. This included a mobile phone number, personal email address and date of birth.

LinkedIn quickly wised up to this security concern and closed the loophole for LinkedIn users to access their contacts "contact data".

However, this contact data is still available via their API. Using a tool like Phantom buster, you can quite quickly extract personal emails and mobile phone numbers from all of your LinkedIn connections.

That's the easy bit - but what do you do with them all to stay top of mind?

LinkedIn & Facebook Custom audiences - both platforms allow you to upload a list of customers, contacts or "prospects".

Here's a video on exactly how to do this -

What I would say is that this works far better with a list of at least 1000 contacts and if you can include their cell phone number or and personal email, you'll get a far more targetted ad campaign as most people sign up to both LinkedIn and Facebook with their personal details.

To Conclude:

Either method outlined here of staying top of mind with your LinkedIn connections is viable - however if you want to get real traction, combine both ways into your process.

And of course, last, you'll need suitable ads & content to run to those connections. That's where we come in at IT Rockstars.