5 Online Marketing Resources for MSPs

By Scott Millar •  Updated: 09/03/22 •  4 min read

I’m sure you’ll agree with me that it’s a tough choice on where to concentrate your time and effort in marketing your IT/technology business.

In this post, we’re going to cover what are the top five online resources currently available to MSPs in 2018.

Number 5 is a blatant mention of my MSP marketing resource which will be available this soon.

1 Robin Robins – Technology Marketing Toolkit

Robin Robins is the redhead with a fiery passion for helping MSPs of all sizes succeed in marketing their IT business with the end goal of generating more sales and business.

The Technology Marketing Toolkit does not come cheap with a hefty price tag of $4759. Some break fixers will scoff at this price, but the reality is that if you’re an established MSP that means business, then this toolkit is well worth investigating. Specially designed and developed for MSPs to generate more leads and ultimately sales.

I’ve personally asked the question in various Facebook groups “is the toolkit worth the money.” Some people are like disciples to Robin while others don’t like her style.

I’ve never actually got my hands on the toolkit (Robin – if your reading happy to take a review copy) you can tell by her passion and great content on her youtube channel that investing in the toolkit as opposed to hiring an agency is well worth considering.

2 Computer Business Marketing Facebook Group

Matthew Rodela of Techsite Builder runs a great podcast and facebook group. The primary audience is customers of Techsite Builder which is a content management system specifically designed for IT business. Based on the ever-popular WordPress platform tech site builder has some impressive features.

The facebook group is where the action is at with some break fixers posting there marketing experiments and results for all to see. While not officially an “MSP marketing resource” the group does lend to IT businesses in general.
What works well with the group is the fact that you can post your marketing question and 9 out of 10 times someone will answer with results of a similar marketing campaign he or she's done in the past.

3 Chris Wiser

I don’t know much about Chris’s business – probably worth having him on our podcast as a guest sometime. However, he’s worth a mentioned here as he’s known as the facebook guy for MSPs.

With almost 3000 active members in his facebook group (IT & MSP Business Owners) he’s got something to have attracted this amount of business owners.

That combined with being one of the only Facebook Ad courses specific to IT businesses it’s worthy of a mention here.

4 Reddit Subgroup

Back in the day, online discussions were always done on forums. Reddit acts almost like a gateway drug between the online forums of old and social media platforms but with the element of upvoting and discussion.

There’s a whole subreddit devoted to MSPs at https://www.reddit.com/r/msp

If you’ve got MSP marketing resources then check out this uber specific subreddit (MSP Marketing) where there always looks for fresh marketing tactics for MSPs:


5 IT Rockstars

The original concept for IT Rockstars was “uber for IT support.” Let’s be honest that idea is never going to fly. I pivoted and aligned my strengths and passions to form the ultimate, actionable SEO resource for managed service providers on the Internet.

I’ve been doing local SEO for many service-based companies for almost ten years, so it makes sense to take the experience of my IT background and combine it with SEO.

Bear Attack SEO for MSPs was born.

It’s the MSP’s bible when it comes to everything SEO. What I’m most passionate about in the book is the fact that SEO is the only marketing channel that will draw is leads and potential customers that are specifically looking for your service and product.

If you're getting started out on marketing for your MSP I’d highly suggest investing the time to get your SEO on point – it acts as an excellent foundation for your online presence and can then be built out with the social platforms like LinkedIn & Youtube.

Check out Bear Attack SEO for IT providers here ​https://www.itrockstars.net/bear-attack-seo-providers/


Scott Millar

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