The 10 IT Support Marketing Commandments

By Scott Millar •  Updated: 04/16/22 •  8 min read

This is for all the IT businesses out their that need some guidance on marketing. These commandments will serve you well if followed.  

If you fail to follow them, you will burn in hell 🔥

I am joking. However – if you fail to follow them, you will struggle to reach the sales goals in your IT business. 

Ignore them at your peril.  

Thou shall not spam.

A basic law in our IT marketing universe and the one law that must always be followed. 

The business community is a finite size.

If you are operating in a niche or a locality, business owners and decision-makers will remember that spam email or LinkedIn solicitation request.

Reputation goes a long way, and people will remember you.   

As such, you should never spam a prospect with a straight-up sale request or meeting request – it’s obvious, but I see it being ignored in the technology space.

Thou shall not buy lists.

Buying data to email, telecall or any other sales and marketing process is a lazy approach to designing the perfect future for your business.

Larger technology marketing services will instruct you to do just this and then scrub the list clean; however, we propose a more strategic and intelligent approach to list building here at IT Rockstars.

You see, the contacts you create on this list will be your future -you will end up providing a small percentage of people on the list with your IT services and will form a long-lasting relationship with these contacts.

If you were planning on a long-lasting relationship – for example, marriage, would you prefer it be arranged or something that you choose?

I think most would answer the latter, so the question has to be asked, why would you let someone else arrange your business’s future? Would you not be better placed to arrange and design it yourself?

The list is something that you must create manually. It takes work, but you won’t be kissing any frogs, and your future will be your making not a haphazard list of potential business but a list you want to work with.  

Thou shall know the number 150.

Dunbar’s number, 150 – this is the theory of Robin Dunbar’s that we can only really maintain about 150 connections at once.

Dunbar and his colleagues applied this basic principle to humans, examining historical, anthropological and contemporary psychological data about group sizes, including how big groups get before they split off or collapse. They found remarkable consistency around the number 150.

According to Dunbar and many researchers he influenced, this rule of 150 remains true for early hunter-gatherer societies as well as a surprising array of modern groupings: offices, communes, factories, residential campsites, military organisations, 11th Century English villages, even Christmas card lists. Exceed 150, and a network is unlikely to last long or cohere well. 

As such, your list of prospects should be 150 and no more – this list should consist of the decision-makers in the companies you want to do business with.

Thou shall not covet thy competitors’ content.

There has been a recent spate of questionable marketing materials offered by various vendors and communities of late in the IT space.

They come in three forms – blogs posts, email templates & bulk social media posts.

There is a growing trend among IT businesses that witness their local competitors using the same marketing material and marketing to the same companies locally.

Low-cost marketing material, there is a reason its low cost – it’s oversubscribed and will do the opposite of positioning you as the local technology leader.

Why? Your prospects are seeing the same content from other IT providers.  

Make sure whatever marketing material that you are using, none of your local competitors are also using the same stuff! Another basic rule but one I see many IT businesses fail at. Luckily we got your back here at IT Rockstars – we lockout each of our members’ areas.

Thou shall educate and entertain.

It’s very easy to get lost in technology when marketing your IT business—telling your audience about the latest cool gadget or problems you’ve recently solved. It might sound great for you but think about your prospects and customers. 

What are their pain points? 

If you can help your prospects in your marketing content and at the same time educate and entertain, you’ll find that’s a winning formula.

It will drive engagement and readership.

Your prospects will get to know you, start to like you and eventually, this will build trust.

When you finally speak with them, they will be far more receptive to meeting with you.

Thou shall publish consistently.

Not all of your prospects are ready to buy all of the time.

Their technology problems come and go.

How can you stay top of mind so when they are thinking of switching providers or need a tech problem solved, they immediately think of you?

The answer is to appear consistently.

Little and often.


Thou shall honour offline and online media channels.

With all things digital, it’s easy to get lost and caught up in the latest platforms. Online marketing is something that many tech companies gravitate towards as so many of their business operations and tools are online.

However, offline publishing channels for your marketing are just as important and can have a far more significant impact if combined with online.

This can include;

Thou shall honour thy retargeting pixel.

One of the biggest opportunities that many miss when marketing their IT business is the retargeting pixel.

You’ve probably experienced this before when you are searching for a product on Amazon, but for some reason, you decided not to buy it.

A few hours or days later, you see the same product on your social media timeline, acting as a reminder that the item is still in your shopping cart.

This is known as retargeting and can be extremely powerful if implemented correctly. 

You can implement this same retargeting strategy in your IT business.

Next time someone lands on your website you can pixel them and start a retargeting campaign targeted specifically at that interested buyer of IT services.

For example, let’s say someone lands on a blog post on your website that talks all about Office 365 and productivity hacks. You can then start to show this prospect a series of videos and articles that discuss some other Office 365 productivity tips.

The beauty of this approach is that you can apply the content across multiple platforms and build an ongoing audience of “IT buyers” that will start to engage with the content you publish regularly.

If you follow the steps that we outline here at IT Rockstars, you’ll find that combining a retargeting approach with a list of highly targeted prospects will lead to more meetings in the diary.

Thou shall convert with copy.

It’s easy for us to get lost in all the services and solutions we offer our customers. Talking about these technologies on our website is excellent. However, there is an elephant in the room.

There’s a missing piece of your IT sales and marketing puzzle for all the excellent content that we may be publishing and all the marketing tactics and commandments we may be following.

That is converting with copy.

Your website needs to convert that visitor/prospect from just reading to taking action.

How do we achieve this?

With the correct copy on the page – it must follow some basic copywriting concepts that you need to have in place.

Without these, your marketing activities are being hampered.

At the most basic level, we can look at people like Dan Kennedy and take the PAS formula – problem – agitate – solve.

I won’t go into the specifics here, but you must have copy that converts and if you don’t have the time to learn, then grab some of our plug and play landing pages.

Thou shall follow up

What does your technology business have in common with a toilet cleaning company?

Your local market sees them as the same – a cost.

Most small to medium-size businesses are not actively looking for IT Support.

They are not going out of their way to download lead magnets, sign up for newsletters about tech or find out about the greatest new Microsoft Teams feature.

I hate to break it to you, but you must follow up no matter how well you perform the other nine commandments in this list.

You must make the first call; you must complete the first LinkedIn request.

You have to realise that the marketing is only there to help position you as the local technology leader – it’s now up to you to put all the marketing words into action.

That starts with a sales process and CRM that you actively monitor and keep moving.

The prospects you speak with today will say no. They will say no next time you talk, but after marketing and following up consistently, they will eventually open their door and hear what you’ve got to say.

Remember this – without sales, there is no business, so you must have a sale focused approach that is complemented by your marketing.

Scott Millar

Founder of IT Rockstars, Scott has helped over 300 MSPs & IT service businesses transform their marketing and position them as the local technology leaders in their area.