MSPs: Dominate Your Local Market With These 3 Advanced Sale Navigator Tactics

By Scott Millar •  Updated: 09/13/22 •  4 min read

Building out a list of prospects for your IT business can be challenging.

Many of the MSPs we bring on board as members of IT Rockstars have no list of ideal clients recorded in a CRM system. Instead, they’ve just got a general sense of who they should be doing business with.

One of the first tasks we take all new members through is building a list of highly targeted “IT buying decision-makers”. The tool for the job is LinkedIn sales navigator.

We’ll discuss the three advanced features of the LinkedIn sales navigator tool and how it can help you build out a highly targeted, detailed list of potential future clients.

Three advanced search filters you need to turn on.

Looking at your existing client base: – 

Systematically listing out your existing clients with this information in hand will help you sort which clients are the most profitable, the types of industries they operate in and the size of the organization.

With this base data, we can go to town with the advanced search functions built into sales navigator and find similar types of businesses to which you could be providing IT service. You’ll have a complete picture of the companies you want to target, and the advanced search filter in sales navigator allows you to dial down to this level of detail.

Once you’ve found the companies in your target search, it’s just a case of interrogating the tool and returning the list of employees – you’ll be rewarded with a good idea of who the IT buying decision makers are in these companies, and they can be added to your MSP lead gen process.

Create a custom list and stay “in the know”.

Any successful MSP will tell you that they’ve built up their customer base via word-of-mouth referrals, getting out there and creating business relationships.

Sales navigator allows you to build a custom timeline based on your prospect’s activities. When you start adding contacts to a lead list in sales navigator, the system will begin building a custom timeline with all of these prospects’ recent activities, including any time they like a post, publish a post or update.

This timeline can help you better engage your prospects. When it comes time to initiate a relationship, you’ll better understand their interests, what they’ve been up to and who they admire purely based on their LinkedIn activity. 

Reboot business relationships with contacts from past companies.

Ask any sales expert; they’ll tell you the most accessible sale to make is to someone you already know.


One of the more advanced features of LinkedIn sales navigator is the “past company filter”.

People move on, and sometimes leads, and potential opportunities can present themselves from unusual places. The past company filter is one of these places.

If you list out all the companies you’ve done business with and the companies you’ve worked for, you can use the past company filter to see who you may know that you’ve directly done business with or supported in an IT service.

Then it’s just a simple LinkedIn message to ask how they are getting on and if it’s worth the time getting an introduction to the IT buying decision maker.

You’ll be surprised how well this method works – if you’ve provided a good level of service in the past, the old contact will jump at the chance to make the introduction.

Final Sales Navigator Thoughts

LinkedIn sales navigator is only one way to help build a list of ideal clients. The main benefit of the tool is that the data is live and usually reasonably up to date. Unlike other buying lists or data methods, you have a better degree of accuracy with data on LinkedIn as it’s kept up-to-date by the user base.

The real work in building a list of prospects you want to do business with can start. The process we take members of IT Rockstars through includes building out an automated marketing system and creating a pre-sales pipeline. These steps will get you to the goal of that first introductory meeting with a potential new client.

Scott Millar

Scott Millar has helped over 300 IT service businesses transform their marketing and position them as the local technology leaders in their area.