In this video we discuss how to limit the bandwidth of your wireless network. This will allow greatly reduce the problems associated with staff using the wifi network at peak times on thier mobile devices which has a knock on effect of slowing down the internet connection for all other users in the office.

As an added bonus Scott Millar also demonstrates how to link your wifi network to a business facebook page. This is a massive opportunity for any business that operates with customer footfall. If you would like more information on the facebook wifi setup or anything else described in this video please call IT Rockstars on 01224-516055.

Video Transcription:

Scott: Alright folks. Welcome to the Friday show. My name is Scott Millar. I’m the founder of IT rockstars. In this video I’m going to show you the Meraki wireless internet device. It’s a wireless access point for business. Two things I want to tell you about this device. The first one is how you can speed up your internet in your office or your business. The second thing is how this is going to give you more Facebook likes and so what we see here is the dashboard for the Meraki login. I’m just going to login and put my password in here. I’m going to hide from you guys two seconds. No I don’t trust your hands like that it. Anyways, let’s go back now and this is the dashboard for the Meraki login and the cool thing about the login is that its cloud manage. Sorry, i am here okay I’m and it basically means that the device itself doesn’t need to be configured on site. I can send out one of these devices to you and it will be pre-configured and ready to go you don’t need to have that call out charge so if i go into the wireless sense here and I go to firewall and traffic shaping now I’m getting technical here but there’s a reason for it. Okay. Under here is a client bandwidth set.

1:24 Now the way that this could speed up your internet is if you configure this or you get your IT provider to configure the client bandwidth setting. It means that when a device like a phone connects to your wireless network, you can actually limit the bandwidth of that device and out of all the device that connect wirelessly and the cool thing with that is I’d give you an example; I’m may be on lunch break or you know just a tea break in the office and I go onto to YouTube and I watch a YouTube video on my mobile device and I’m on the Wi-Fi and it’s going to slow down the Wi-Fi, it’s going to slow down the whole internet for the rest of the office so that is the first way you can speed up your internet access in your office is by having a properly managed wireless network. Another cool thing that you can have in your wireless network settings is that you can set up multiple and wireless networks so you can have like a guest network. You can have your free network if you’re in a public place and all that type of stuff.
2:24 Ok, this is the real juice of this video. The real meat of this video. Sorry. If you’re running up a business and you’ve got a public venue like a Kathy, erection, a play barn, anything you know. Anything where the public is coming in and they possibly connect to your wireless network. Now, you might at the moment be giving them like a past password to them and the network might just be open. Now, if you set up the Meraki device, what you can actually do is when a customer connects to that free network that they can use, well then ask them to save it using their Facebook credentials and it basically checks them into your Facebook page so I’m going to show how it actually works in practice. So let me just flip the screen here, back to the web page and on the Meraki, this is the Meraki conflict page. The security page. There’s this option here assign in via Facebook Wi-Fi that you can set and that basically allows you to associate your Facebook business page with the Meraki device so if I minimize this window here and if I go to my mobile phone which I happen to have right here. I’ve got it hooked up to my computer. I can connect to this wireless network. Two seconds here. This is list of all the networks in the area and I’ve got this one here IT rockstars free. Let’s connect to it.
3:51 Connect. And what’s happening now is that now it’s connecting to the Meraki device and it should pop up with a login screen. Here we go so you have save it into the wireless network and here we go. I actually, this is the save in page for the wireless network. It’s the IT rockstars business page and I have to click check-in here. Ok. Here we go. It’s happening and that’s me now on the wireless network. The free wireless network and I can use my Wi-Fi. What’s happening in Facebook though, this is for the customers Facebook page looks like now. They’ve checked into the business premises here as you can see they’ve checked in here and that’s free marketing so all their friends can now see that they’ve checked in to your business.

4:47 Ok, so that’s the video for today, I had great difficulty getting this all set up. I had to do wireless network part. I had to do the Facebook part. I even had to get the phone onto the screen. I had problems with the editing software so this video is a little bit later. Big shout-out quickly to Naan Sasin. He has the Aberdeen comedy festival that is on at the moment October 14- November 5, we’re about halfway through at this point 250 comedians. I’ll give it a google search, I don’t what the webpage is but check it out. If you’re into comedy. Actually everyone is into comedy. Who’s not into comedy? Check out his shows, he’s got multiple shows, multiple comedians anyway I hope you liked the video of this. Next week, I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to be talking about but it will be something awesome. Anyway, see you in the next video. Thanks folks. Remember to subscribe, like and all that good stuff.