Azure is Microsoft’s on-demand cloud platform. Similar to Amazon AWS, Azure can be an extremely attractive service for any size of business.

The old school of thought when it came to IT infrastructure was to have a dedicated server that would house your business applications and services.

This was either located onsite in your office or a local data centre. The problem with this approach is your business become reliant on the physical server hardware and local internet connection. If there’s a problem then it can impact your business. The other issue with this approach is the sometimes hidden costs of maintenance and security.

Upkeep of server hardware & licensing will cost a business in time either by your internal IT team or an outsourced IT provider to keep things running smoothly.

Security and business continuity is another aspect to take into consideration with onsite hardware. How secure is your server? Does the Office cleaner have access? In regards to business continuity – what happens if there’s a fire in your building? You may have a backup of all your data but how long will that data take to be restored to another replacement server in the event of some for of disaster.

Microsoft Azure remove all the above problems from the equation. Your server infrastructure and applications can be spun up in a Microsoft data centre instantaneously. These data centres are replicated through multiple locations over the globe and due to the vast size of Microsoft’s infrastructure it’s a fraction of the cost of an onsite server and maintenance.

We help businesses migrate services, applications and business processes to the Azure platform. If you are thinking of moving to Microsoft Azure or would like to find out more contact us.

Here is an interactive map of all the Azure data centres around the globe click to go to the interactive map:

Global map of microsoft data centres

Click the map for an interactive version.

Current Azure Services:

Azure Active Directory B2C
Azure Active Directory
Azure Active Directory Domain Services
API Management
Application gateway
Visual Studio Application Insights
App Service
BizTalk Services
Cloud Services
Azure Container Service
Data Catalog
Data Factory
Data Lake Analytics
Data Lake Store
Azure DevTest Labs
Azure DNS
Event Hubs
Azure IoT Hub
Key Vault
Load Balancer
Machine Learning
Managed Cache Service
Media Services
Mobile Engagement
Mobile Services
Multi-Factor Authentication
Notification Hubs
Operational Insights
Redis Cache
Security Center
Service Bus
Service Fabric
Site Recovery
SQL Database
SQL Data Warehouse
SQL Server Stretch Database
Stream Analytics
Traffic Manager
Virtual Machines
Virtual Network
Visual Studio Team Services
VPN Gateway