A Lesson Every MSP Can Learn From Mike Michalowicz

By Scott Millar •  Updated: 05/24/20 •  5 min read

Are you still selling IT services during a lockdown?

Maybe you had a flurry of activity while everybody clamoured to set up their work from home solution.

I would have made a small fortune if I'd charge a dime for every support ticket related to "how do I hook up my monitor" & "I can't connect to the VPN."

But things have cooled a bit over recent weeks, and there's a big question as to what the "new normal" will be and what opportunities most MSP's can do to stay on top of their IT sales targets.

In this article, you will learn what one smart MSP is doing to stay different and what you can do to be ready to take advantage of the massive change we are all going through.

As a bonus, I've also included a downloadable "lead magnet" you can use that will help you offer the right IT services and help grow sales in a post lockdown world.

Productize the situation

Josh Weiss of LA Creative Tech has hit a home run with his "Work From Home" User Package.

I first spotted his offer on The Tech Tribe. There's a few MSP's discussing the future of managed services and what he posted is a good indicator of the change in direction you should be thinking.

In a nutshell, he's looking at the current pain points - this includes the fact that many in house IT departments have cobbled together solutions for their staff and not had the time to put something cohesive in place.

The "Work From Home Package" includes:

  • Managed Zoom & Office 365 License
  • Work From Home Hardware Setup
  • Online Training Portal
  • Workstation Security
  • Customised Live Training

The reality is this is what most users are screaming out for in one way or another. Josh has bundled it all together as a package.

As part of his offer, there's a work from a home assessment that includes a detailed 10 page PDF that analyses the companies "remote work readiness" and detailed next steps.

Now many may be satisfied, and if you were to attempt to sell this to an IT manager, you might get laughed out the zoom room. Just like those cloud conversations ten years ago.

However, many top-level execs are asking questions about what a return to the office might look like.

Over 90% of the conversations I've been part of include the option of never returning to the office. There have been some great successes while working from home, making many businesses question precisely why they need an office?

Organisations have proven they can still be effective in delivering their services in a virtual office.

As such, this is the perfect time to be speaking with CEO's & C level execs on assessing their work from home readiness.

Josh's example is pure awesomeness, but how can you come up with ideas unique to your business?

Ask for ideas

I was lucky enough to attend Robin Robins Big Seminar this week which included a breakout session form author Mike Michalowicz (Fix This Next).

As you've probably been doing, keeping in touch with your existing client base during this time is crucial. Mike detailed what you can do to gain ideas for opportunities his suggestion:

"Show empathy by your lack of understanding."

Ask your existing customers about how you can help now. Call them and say:

"I hope you are doing well, at this same time what you are experiencing, and how this situation is affecting you/your business.

Please now, I wish you well."

Then ask: "you may not need us in the same way in how we serviced you in the past. Is there a new way we can serve you now?"

Don't force a response to this. State if it's not the time to respond - that's ok.

Pure. Common. Sense. (something which I have none of).

Mike then goes on to discuss the product path.

A new idea you'd like to turn into a service/solution/product.

Lockdown is the perfect environment to try this out.

Can you sell the tell?

Step 1:

Write out what the offer is. (Base this off client conversations mentioned above?)

Don't start any development of it.

Step 2:

Then try to sell it.

Reach out to your customers/prospect base and say "we've got a new concept that we're working on. We're going to invite in beta users.

List out:

  • The core concept.
  • What it will look like in operation.
  • Cost once out of beta.

Then ask "are you interested in coming on as a beta user at a decreased price".

If no one signs up - guess what, it's a bad idea. Try another one.

Mike's suggestions come off as pure genius - he has an apparent approach to business and should be on your reading list.

The question remains, what are your ideas/concepts? Have you got any?

Well, as a bonus - I've come up with a super simple way that will not only impress your existing customers but also have prospects asking "what tool is that?"

Access the video bonus to learn more

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