MSP Books

We've hand-selected some of the best books available on the market that are specifically written from MSPs & IT Businesses. You can get your hands on a free paperback copy either of the first two in this list just clicks "ship it to me."

our Pick

Video Marketing for MSPs

This book has been written specifically for IT business owners. It outlines the practical steps to marketing your business using video.

You will learn how to implement a 3 minute marketing rule in your business.  This will allow you to save a lot of time and best of all give you an unfair advantage in the local market.

Bear Attack SEO for Managed Service Providers

If you were subject to a bear attack you only have to run 1% faster than the slowest person in your group.
The same is true for your IT businesses search rankings. You only have to put in 1% more effort than the local competition to outrank them in the search.

The MSP Growth Funnel

After years of successes and failures in the IT and Marketing industries, Kevin Clune compiles everything he’s learned about customer acquisition into one easy-to-implement strategy which he details in The MSP Growth Funnel.

Recommended reading for any MSP - these books are from friends in the MSP community.  I've read them all - not to be missed.

Chris Timm book cover

PSA Profitability

We covered a review of Autotask back in 2021 with Chris Timm. In the book he dives deep into how to set up and structure your PSA software to hone in on the clients that are costing you money and the ones where additional profit can be made.

Book Cover

Package, Price, Profit

I interviewed Nigel Moore of the Tech Tribe prior to the release of his book. In it, he details how to accomplish value-based pricing scaling your MSP with the correct price structure.

Karl Palachuck book cover

Managed Services in a Month

Karl detials the steps you need to take to transition from break-fix to MSP. This is a must-read. It's what I would call, and "MSP classic" many MSP's have grown from small beginnings to large, highly successful practices after reading this.