If you are familiar with IT Rockstars then you'll be we aware that a marketing agency for your IT business is not required.

You can quite easily become a member of IT Rockstars and start your journey in becoming perceived as the local technology authority.

However, we do from time to time get members that ask us to revamp their website.

This is specifically something that we do not do, as such, we've collated a list of marketing agencies that are specifically geared towards managed service providers.

As a bonus, we've trawled the web to find some examples of their work.

We've intentionally been quite critical of their client websites. If you are a client of any of these MSP marketing agencies then take note as you may be missing some basic technical marketing features on your website.

All of the sites in question were found using the powerful backlink tool Ahrefs - this tool allows you to look up where a website is getting its links from. Useful for competitor research.

It just so happens that all of the MSP marketing agencies covered in this study have footers in all their client websites so they can easily be found.

How do these agencies stack up?

Tech Pro Marketing

We've actually interviewed Nate Freeman of Tech Pro Marketing, during the interview I was attempting to dig into exactly what his "marketing agency" actually did for his MSP clients.

Here's a small list of Nate's clients:




Lan Masters - Awesome Design!

As a critique here's what I like and what could be improved on these websites:

Pros: Great design, fast loading sites, no ugly pop-ups.

Cons: I could not see any Facebook retargeting pixels - this is a somewhat basic mistake. If you have the traffic coming to your site you can retarget it using a Facebook pixel.

That being said I did get retargeting via Google Adwords on Nate's main site recently so he may be running retargeting for his clients on the Google platform instead.

Pronto Marketing

Definitely, a name I've heard before and a lot of MSPs I know use pronto marketing for their website.  

I love how they have clear pricing of their services and are pretty straight up about what they offer.   

They offer "managed websites" - this basically means you have a small setup fee to pay then pay a monthly cost to have the website hosted by them. The big plus to this approach for most MSP's is that it fits very well with their own cashflow model.

Here are some examples of their work:




Basic Design but good copy and clear lead capture form.

Pros: 2 of the 3 sites we checked were running facebook retargeting pixel. Well done! Their homepages were also loaded with content which is always a good thing for search rankings.

Cons: Design looks somewhat dated on some sites. I've seen some awesome designs but the 3 random sites we listed above we're not good examples of design. I'm sure if we looked at more of their sites web get a better idea of design they offer.


Not a company I know much about - Stuart Crawford who runs it has been in business for some time and they primarily deal with managed service providers.

Some of their client sites:




Ugh Popups!

Pros: Good SEO, the first site on the list is ranking page one in the search for "Baltimore IT Support".

Cons: Annoying popups - all 3 sites have popups. Whilst the argument here is that it can help generate leads - most people get frustrated with popups.  

Edit: Stuart from Ulistic contacted me on Reddit with the following:

Scott...thanks for pointing out websites that Ulistic has done. However, in your article, you are linking to some very old sites. We have changed our 24/7 online chat service that doesn't come across as aggressive as the prior one. Check out some of our latest sites:





These guys offer somewhat similar service to IT Rockstars, including MSP marketing content and strategy for your MSP. However, they do also offer website design and template service.

Here are some examples of their client websites:




Living in the 90s!!

Pros: Fresh content, all the sites visited have fresh content - this, of course, is similar to what IT Rockstars offer and the main benefit for a website with fresh content is the fact that you'll appear higher in the search. You can also pull in more traffic from LinkedIn and other social platforms if you share that fresh content to your connections.

Cons: The first client website on that list (Netiton) have a website that looks to have been designed way back in the early 2000's - looks old. None of the sites is retargeting visitors so whilst they may be appearing well in the search and getting the traffic they're missing the retargeting form their mix.

We could go into more depth on these agencies - Prontomarketing does seem to have the biggest share in the market as we scored a massive list of MSP websites using them.

Other agencies that we are aware of in the space are as follows:

We Are Wingman (UK)

Shepra Marketing (UK)

Tech Funnels (AUS)

MSP Advantage Program

Tri Digital Marketing

If you run an agency I'm happy to add you to the list - in fact why not come on our Youtube Channel as we'll cover your services in-depth as we did with Nate.


If you run an IT or MSP business, getting your website design correct is only 25% of the challenge. The other75% is getting the correct type of traffic to your site and making that traffic convert into enquiries. That where we can help at IT Rockstars.

Bonus Tip

Whilst partnering up with one of the MSP Marketing agencies above will more than likely help you in your marketing efforts - I'd argue that you may be better off partnering up with a local marketing agency in your area.


Local agencies are usually a really good source of referrals
and 9 times out of 10 the agency also can use a bit of IT support.

Scott Millar IT Marketing Geek

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