5 Software MSP Marketing Tools

By Scott Millar •  Updated: 11/29/20 •  6 min read

Many technology businesses have shiny object syndrome - we all know it well, and it's probably the main reason we work in technology - the love for the tech and the tools.

However, this "syndrome" can be a real distraction when it comes to marketing your MSP and gaining the attention of the local market.

There's just so much choice when it comes to marketing your MSP, and you can spend months refining your managed service marketing tools set only to find a new tool that has some cool added features.

The tools I'm going to detail to you in this article are "evergreen" for all the new marketing gimmicks and tactics. There are some tools that should be part of your overall long-term marketing strategy.

Many will see these as "no brainers" and question why I'm even talking about such tools that might be perceived as common sense and not "shiny".

The answer is simple - IT Rockstars is here to transform the way that MSPs market their business - a long term strategy has to be taken as the sales cycle for many is on of several months if not years.

One final word - I've personally been through many tools and have circled back to these five over the years - this is due to functionality and price. They are the all-rounder best marketing tools that are true value for money.

Popular MSP Marketing Tools

1. ActiveCampaign

By far the most important tool in my marketing arsenal and one I always recommend to new members of IT Rockstars.

The general function is an email marketing platform that has advanced automation features. I moved to ActiveCampaign after being a long time user of Mailchimp.

When it came to bucketing my mailing list Mailchimp just did not perform and probably the most potent feature of ActiveCampaign is the tagging.

As an example, you can tag users that visit your website or click on a link in an email you send with a tag - let's say your talking about server upgrades and have a recent blog article on the topic.

That prospect will be tagged with the relevant word "server upgrade" when it finally comes time to follow up with that prospect you can have a look at ActiveCampaign and see what topics and content have spiked your prospects interest - this type of information is priceless. The more you implement tagging in your email marketing, the more powerful your prospect database will become.

As an added bonus ActiveCampaign has a CRM "deals" section perfect for building out the sales pipeline and moving those contacts through it.

Here's my affiliate link (I'll get a small kickback) if you sign up for the free trial. 

2. Calendly

When you start marketing your technology business properly - say for example, with the IT Rockstars membership there will become a point that you'll be receiving a consistent flow of leads and enquiries into your business.

This can be difficult to manage over time, and when you are trying to arrange prospect intro meetings, Calendly is a lifesaver.

I personally embed the Calendly scheduling page into my lead magnet thank you page - this means if someone comes to our site and downloads one of our lead magnets the thank you page will ask them if they'd like to schedule a meeting and find out more about our services.

You'll be surprised by just how many will opt-in and schedule a meeting after taking a previous action on your website.

3. MissingLettr

A big thanks to Richard Tubb for introducing me to this tool. It syncs with your blog's RSS feed. Anytime you publish a new blog MissingLettr will automatically generate a 365 day social media campaign based on the blog article - it will then auto post to all of your social profiles over a full year. What's great about this tool is you literally have to just approve the campaign as it uses advanced logic to figure out what images and text to use on the social media posts based on the blog content.

This tool, by far gives me the most reach across social media, and I don't have to schedule or spend tedious amounts of time looking for graphics for those posts.

It's a small monthly fee and a quick look at my analytics for the last three months, and it's driven over 300 clicks to my blog - if you are investing in any form of content marketing or blog writing, then this is a no brainer tool.

4. Thrive Architect

This is one for all the WordPress users - I'm sure you'll agree with me laying out your blog, and content on your website can be a real hassle, and WordPress just does not have the functionality to layout text and graphics in a post just the way you want it.

This is where Thrive Architect comes in - it has advanced content blocks, page and text customisations that really lift your blog posts off the page. One not to miss if you want to give your website blog and content a facelift.

5. Canva

Canva can only be described as a simple man's version of Photoshop that's web-based and free.

I hate anything to do with graphics and always outsource these types of tasks and work to others. However, there are times when you might need a quick graphic and don't have the time to pass this work to others.

The app has many features - we use it to produce out monthly newsletter template for our members here at IT Rockstars - check out this example of what is possible in the app.

The cool thing about this template is that all our members have to do is login - change up the text and company logo in the app to their own brand before publishing - a 5-minute job and they've got a marketing newsletter they can use with their own clients and prospects all without the need for specialist publishing software like Adobe Illustrator etc.


My final word on these marketing tools is that they are all fairly low cost.

I always attempt to strike a balance of value for money and core functionality with the tools I use. Gimmicks can get lost; they are what I see as a distraction. 

Scott Millar

Founder of IT Rockstars, Scott has helped over 300 MSPs & IT service businesses transform their marketing and position them as the local technology leaders in their area.