A little known marketing hack that works wonders is "Birthday Marketing".

Its simply acknowledging a prospect or clients birthday and sending them a gift.

As an MSP I know you have a long sales cycle and the opportunity of birthday marketing is open to you as most clients are not quickly won.

This brings with it an opportunity which we'll explain in this article. As an added bonus we've also included a Chrome Extension that will allow you to extract your LinkedIn connection's date of birth.

First, let me tell you the story of how I'm a convert to the occasion and birthday marketing process.

A local telecoms company was attempting to sell me a new internet line. At the time, I was not interested and rolled my eyes over the phone every time they called.

However, their persistence finally paid off.

It just so happens six months later, I was indeed looking for a new line for a client. Why did I choose them over all the other options?

We'll it had something to do with the owner of the company coming round to my office at Christmas with a tin of biscuits. At the time, I thought this was a lovely gesture - as I'd not become a client, and he knew I was not interested in his services. Never the less he persisted.

A few months later, when we were finally looking into a new line, I was drawn to this company because of the gesture some months back.

You'll be surprised by how far these acts of kindness go.

About the Birthday.

Probably the best option you have right now to get some instant traction with this marketing approach is Birthday Marketing.

Around about 70% of your LinkedIn connections will have specified their birthday on their profile.

If you've been smart with your LinkedIn connections, then you'll have many of your prospects as connections (something we teach to our members).

The process is simple. Send that prospect a birthday card with a covering sales letter and service catalogue.

A few weeks later pick up the phone and ask them the question - hey did you get the card I sent? Did you do anything special for your birthday?

The conversation will flow naturally, and this is your opportunity to ask about their IT service contract and if its a good time to talk further.

Repeat this process throughout the year for all connections that have their birthday visible on LinkedIn.

Remember, though that this only works if you are connected to the contact on LinkedIn and if they've added their DOB.

When I heard about birthday marketing for the first time a thought crossed my head - how are you going to get all of those dates out of LinkedIn?

I've got over 1200 connections - that would be a huge job to pull off.

Well, your in luck as we've built a tool for our members that I'm going to share with you.

It's a custom chrome extension that will extract all of your LinkedIn connections names, URL and date of birth.

Download it in CSV format then just upload to a birthday reminder app like Hip.

Take this a step further by getting a custom birthday card design in fitting with your brand - we did this recently and are sharing the template with our members.

Here's an example (4 designs with raw files available to members)

Send out the card with a covering sales letter and a list of your services  - remember to add in a follow-up phone call a couple of weeks after.

This marketing campaign is fairly new to us here at IT Rockstars but would love to hear your experiences with anything similar you might have had.

As promised below, you can download and install the chrome extension that will scrape all of your LinkedIn contacts birthdays and save them to a nice CSV download file.  Please follow the instructions to use the tool correctly. 

Chrome LinkedIn Birthday Extractor Tool



Please read the instructions to install:

How to use:

1) Open Chrome
2) Goto the manage extensions setting
3) Turn on developer mode
4) Choose button "load unpacked" then choose the folder
5) Navigate to your LinkedIn connections
6) Click the IT Rockstars "LinkedIn Connections Birthday Extractor"
7) Start scaping
8) CSV File will download to download folder
9) Open Excel > Go to data tab > Choose from Text/CSV > open CSV

10) Upload details to your birthday reminder app (Hip looks good as it supports file imports)