This article has no political slant it’s a technical article to help secure your business and make you aware of cyber threats.

The democrats would have you believe that Russia hacked Hilary Clinton’s emails however sources close to wiki leaks and Julian Assange both state that the hacks (which there were multiple) happened due to email phishing. Here’s a credible source on how it exactly it went down with John Podesta (https://nypost.com/2016/10/29/heres-how-hackers-stole-50000-of-john-podestas-emails/)

Okay so your not going to be running for president anytime soon but what can we learn from this security breach that applies in business.

1) Get your email off the internal server (AKA Hilary’s private server)

There’s still a number of businesses operating a locally hosted email service, usually on their own server based in the office.

Both Microsoft and Google offer cloud services to control the storage and communication of business email. Office 365 Exchange Online services and Google Apps for business are both highly secure online services that beat even the best local servers security systems.

If you’ve put a cost to this already and written it off your math is wrong.

Remember IT security, support and maintenance of those private server(s) cost time to. It’s just not an obvious.

2) Be vigilant – do a background check on your IT provider.

John Podesta was vigilant and if you read the source mentioned above he was not too sure on the email asking him to reset his password. He forwarded the email to the IT helpdesk. It was the IT team that let him down.

There’s a common thread here – IT providers and internal IT teams still have a lot to learn. This is just one example, however, if you speak to IT Rockstars we can give you a scenario that can be easily be played out against any IT professional.

3) Enforce internal technology security.

This is as basic as it gets. Things like locking your desktop when you walk away from the screen. Password or fingerprint management enforcement on all company mobile devices.

Whilst Hilary might get a slap on the wrist for breaching national security, what is your company policy for security breaches within the business? If you don’t already have something in place it’s a good time to start putting a plan into action.

For a full IT security consultation on your business call 01224-516055. IT Rockstars can act as a 3rd party working with your existing IT provider or internal team to enforce IT security and help you trump your competition.