IT Rockstars – Quarterly Report – Q3 – 2022

By Scott Millar •  Updated: 07/30/22 •  5 min read

Welcome to the first quarterly report we produce here at IT Rockstars for all technology businesses, IT, Cyber and MSPs.

Over the years, we have tested many different marketing methods with our members, and this helps refine the execution guides within our membership.

There are failures as well as successes.

It came to me that many technology businesses get lost down marketing rabbit holes – trying out new tactics and hiring expensive agencies all in the hopes of generating leads.

We’ve decided to share both the failures – what to avoid and – tactics that are working well in today’s environment.

This quarter we will be reporting on two marketing methods, both of which have led to further testing.

LinkedIn Lead Generation (Big Failure and lessons learnt)

After listening closely to a great podcast by Ray Orsini of OITVOIP on youtube, he interviewed Tim McNeil and Robb Rogers of OSR Manage.

They have conducted over 400k phone calls for MSPs – cold calling – the insights they’ve gleaned from the data they have been tracking is eye-opening.

In their words – if you are a smaller MSP, you need to get started with LinkedIn automation tools – specifically to automate connection and network building to prospects on the platform.

They saw their best results when they combined cold calling with direct mail. IE sending your prospects an introductory letter before contacting them on the phone. You’re far more likely to get a meeting if the prospect has received something in the mail from you.

They even mentioned the automation tool they use to build out their client’s LinkedIn networks.

We investigated the tool in question, and the results are now – a total failure.

I am by no means trying to bad-mouth OSR’s advice. I believe we have misused the tool and want to share with you how not to automate this piece of your marketing.

Out of a cold prospect list of 412 contacts, we managed to connect with a dismal 41 contacts. That’s about 10% – last time we ran any LinkedIn connection request campaign (Jan 2019), we were getting over 30% connection request acceptance.

dripify stats

If you are familiar with the platform, you’ll know that the amount of spam messages and connections is almost a daily occurrence, and most (90%) are ignoring these requests.

The big takeaway here is that there needs to be a more intelligent approach to building out an audience on LinkedIn in today’s environment.

In fact, if we go back to what the findings are with the OSR research, we should probably apply a direct mail piece to these cold prospects even before we connect with them on LinkedIn – this may increase our odds.

This is actively being tested now, and the results will be shared with members of IT Rockstars with a full breakdown of the type of mail sent and how we plan to achieve a 50% acceptance rate.

Meta Pixels & Ad spend

Since the release of IOS 14 and the almost complete annihilation of cookie tracking across mobile devices, Facebook and Instagram ads have been a real struggle.

It was our go-to platform for ad spending and marketing to B2B customers. The targeting method is relatively simple – connect with your ideal customer on LinkedIn – they’ll start to interact with your posts and visit your website. At the point they visit your site, this is your opportunity to drop the Meta pixel on their device.

Running Facebook & Instagram Ads to all those prospects that have been to your website is by far the most effective way to stay top of mind – ads show up two to three times a day in their timeline.

This methodology has, however, taken a big nose dive – dropping the cookie is almost impossible now out with the Facebook/Instagram app – Meta has released a handy plugin for WordPress that directly feeds their API with site visits, but it’s worthless unless the visitors are coming from Facebook over to your website – LinkedIn visits are almost never tracked.

Due to this privacy change, the bigger advertisers are now spending a lot more money to reach their audience on the platform – impacting ad spend for everyone – we’ve seen our ad cost double, and results have been dismal.

What is the solution to this problem?

LinkedIn Ad Retargeting – we are now working with a number of members of IT Rockstars and testing the ad platform for retargeting prospects.  

The results will be shared within our Facebook Group (The MSP Marketing Lab). I invite you to join us there so we can share the results with all.

In other news

Many have been talking about recession – the high gas and energy prices now hitting all parts of the Western world do have many worried.  

I was discussing the topic of recession with a peer group I am part of.

 I’m very much of the opinion that we almost seem to be “talking ourselves” into a recession – we must cut back on expenses – this creates a negative feedback loop not only in the economy but also in our heads.

Should we not be ignoring the negative thoughts and instead believe that this is the best time to be alive and grow our business?

The conversation with my peer group was more of a debate about mindset – however, some advice I was given is that I should poll my audeince to find out how they are doing in today’s environment.

So I ask you to complete this short response and also help me build the next quarterly report – I will personally feature one IT business in the report and give you coverage across our entire audience. All you have to do is scan the QR code with your response or visit: www.itrockstars.net/2022


Scott Millar

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