If you've ever investigated or even implemented SEO improvements for your IT business website then you a probably can relate to the fact that it takes time.

No quick wins? Or are there?

In this article, I'm going to outline the three most important things you can do to rank top in the search locally within a few short months.

As a bonus, I've included an SEO MSP assessment tool at the bottom of the page that will spot all the obvious errors on your site for some quick wins.

Before we dive into the technical stuff, I must tell you the story about "quick wins."

I was speaking with another IT Marketing firm - both the owners were asking me about the book I wrote back in 2018 (Bear Attack for SEO).

They had one question for me, what's working in SEO now and how can technology business use this to their advantage. How could they quickly rank their client sites top in the local area to keep hold of that juicy monthly retainer?

I chuckled at the question as there are so many answers - heck I wrote a book on the topic, specifically for technology businesses.

The strategy outlined in the book is slow and steady wins the race, the title refers to being chased by a bear, you just need to move slightly faster than the crowd not to be mauled in the search. That 1% speed improvement can be summed up into three areas.

Authority Backlinks

Ten years ago, it was all about getting links from as many other websites as possible to link to your website. This worked wonders, and you could really game the system if you included highly optimized backlink anchor text.

As an example, say you are providing IT services in the Algarve. Your backlink would be "IT Support Algarve" - this is the likely search term that a prospect would enter into google.

However, Google soon caught onto many gaming the system. Now you must concentrate on quality high authority backlinks.

How do you get these? Look at the top ranking competitors in your area and study their backlink profile and uncover where they are receiving high-quality links. Then it's just a case of matching your competitors link profile.

How do you uncover the links? Well, this is a good time to mention the competitor dominance search report.

The report outlines all of your top competitor's backlinks and exactly where they are receiving them from.

If your smart you'll also employ a blocking tool so that competitors can't unearth your backlinks (that's for another post)

Match and exceed citations

Similar to backlinks citations are just where your competitors get a mention of their company website, address and telephone number. This directly affects the ranking in the "map pack".

If you can match then exceed your competitor's citations, you'll win the top spot in the search within four weeks. It's probably the quickest way to get straight to the top place in google without paying for Google Ads.  Again this is something included in our search report.

Low Hanging Fruit

Low hanging fruit is how you cheat the system. Instead of thinking like the herd, trying to rank for competitive terms like "IT Support" take a different approach.

These highly competitive terms could have between 10-20 competitors (if not more) attempting to rank. In some cases, you may have competitors that you'll never outrank.

That's when the low hanging fruit approach works wonders.

It's all about uncovering the terms your prospects are searching that you would not immediately think of but get many searches in a month. The words your competitors have no mention of on their website.

Good examples I've seen in the past include:

  • "Outsourced IT Services"
    "Ransomware removal in x location."
    "Office 365 Support in x location."

Every location is different though so keep this in mind.

We have a trick up our sleeve - you see because we manage Google Ads for a handful of MSPs and get direct insight into the many $1000s spent on clicks. The search term report in these high budget campaigns tells us precisely what many have searched for before clicking the google ad.

And there are some hidden gems in this data. As this is a public blog post, it's not the place to disclose sensitive keywords - however, we do disclose some of the opportunities you have locally in our competitor dominance search report.

Once you know the low haning fruit keywords you can rank the top spot in a few days with the right blog post related to these terms.


Once you have a complete backlink profile and citation map of your competitors, it's relatively straight forward to implement a winning work plan to outrank them in a few short months. Patience is key - the work you put in today will take 2-3 months before you see noticeable improvements.

Google will reward you for fixing technical errors on your website - as promised you can enter your website in the tool below and it will spit out some of the vital technical items you may be missing from your website to rank highly - try it out:

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