Inbox Email Killers


1: Inbox Rules

2: Notification

3: Skype for business

4: Proper Spam protection

5: The Two Timer


Video transcription:

0:04 We are. Okay. Welcome to the Friday show. This is IT Rockstars. This is the very first episode. I’ve basically taken my YouTube channel, my personal YouTube channel and I’ve converted it into this business channel. And this is the very first episode. I’m planning on doing a video maybe once a week on a Friday and I am calling it the ‘Friday Show’. So welcome. In this week’s episode am gonna show you how you can reduce the amount of e-mails in your inbox and become more focused in your business. And I went over this before, a recent meeting and I’ve got a list of basically e-mail killers. That’s what I call them and that’s what is up on the screen now.

0:38 So the five (5) things that I am gonna try and cover in the next sort of two or three minutes. So I’m speaking really fast for a reason so you can get the information and you can go away and enjoy the rest of your Friday.
0:49 So the first one is inbox rules. You’ve got a lot of emails. They’ll come to you from specific people and you maybe dump them in a folder down the left hand save. If you go to file here and if you go to manage rules and alerts you can actually set a rule up and tell how to do something with an e-mail and if it comes from a specific person or a specific group or even a specific subject line. So I’ve got one here; it’s a rule called BNI and basically in this e-mail group and it’s a bunch of people; business associates. And I’ve got forty-five people in this e-mail group. This e-mail is a 1:23 and it can really crowd up your inbox. And so I’ve set this e-mail rule. Anything that comes from BNI; sent to BNI gets moved into a folder called BNI. And when you open up Outlook it will just automatically bump everything from the BNI members into this folder. And I get a sort of sticker sign here telling when there’s new e-mail coming in.

1:46 The next one is notifications. You want to stay focused on what you’re doing in your business and you know get more work done not having constant notifications about new e-mails coming in; new e-mails on your phone. Stay focused; enjoy the moment as opposed to being interrupted by an e-mail. Turn off notifications. Now the way that you do that; in Outlook you go to files again and then you go down to options. And then under options you go to mail and here we’ve got message arrival. You basically; these are all detect*, untect e-mail and it means. It means you won’t get any notifications when an e-mail arrives. You will have to manually go into Outlook and look to see if an e-mail. It’s actually very handy. It saves a lot of distractions in your business.
2:32 The third tip is ‘Skype for Business’. Now ‘Skype for Business’ is just like Skype and it has instant messaging functionality. This is what the window looks like. I don’t have anyone in my list at the moment. This is a brand new business. And but the way that I worked this in the past. I would have colleagues listed on here. And basically if you have colleagues listed on here you can just speak with them on an instant message in a flash from your desktop. You don’t have to send them an e-mail. So you are not sending an e-mail and waiting for a reply. That cuts down a lot of internal e-mails on your system and it means you’ve got a clean inbox.

3:03 Fourth one is having ‘proper spam protection’. This just that general advice if you are a brand new business and more than likely you don’t have spam protection. You probably just sign up for a domain and there won’t be any form of protection so when somebody gets a hold of your e-mail address and a lot of people are available to get that e-mail address. That can happen through connection with someone on LinkedIn. It can maybe be specifying your e-mail address on your website. They will add you to a spam list and they’ll sell that spam list to someone and you’ll start getting spam. So you want to make sure you are protected against spam. If you are on Office 365 you have Microsoft Forefront Protection. It’s kinda built in. It’s the first level of spam protection. If you are not in 365 there are other services out there. You can speak to me about that. Give me a shout and I can let you know what they are.
3:46 The fifth and final e-mail killer is what I call. This is the best one actually. It’s a two timer we all know. I’ve implemented this in the past. I probably now at this stage be able to implement it just now in my business. It really depends on what you do in your business and what your business is. If you need to act urgently on e-mails you definitely can’t implement this rule. However if you have a. It’s basically like the old style postman that come to your door and deliver post once a day and you do really check once a day. Well the two timer rule is that you check at ten o clock in the morning and you check at four o clock in the afternoon your e-mails. At all other times you stay out of your inbox. That is the rule. So my advice there is give it a try. Maybe next week try the two timer rule. Get into that habit and see how you can do. Obviously again it really depends on what you are doing and it’s not something that I can do cause I’m urgently connected to people with IT issues.

4:39 But I hope that the Friday Show has been helpful this Friday. I’m running a little bit over time here. We are at four minutes and I really sorry for slowing down my speech now. (Chuckles) But it’s a brand new YouTube channel; YouTube episode here and I hope to do something like this every Friday. Maybe outdoors as well. Let me speak to a few business associates. And check out our website ‘ . We provide managed IT services and solutions; technology solutions for the northeast of Scotland. Now if you’re not in the northeast of Scotland the website will still be handy for you. You can go on there and check out providers in your own area. We also have master classes with guys that really know their technology and check out the website. I’d love to hear from you. And remember to hit that subscribe button and I will see you in the next video. Thanks guys. 5:26