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Managed IT Marketing content delivered to you every month.  

Start marketing your IT business and learn the simple skills you need to become the local online technology authority.

Watch the video below to see how the system works.

What's included in the subscription


Premium white label content

4 premium articles are included every month as part of the package.  These articles help educate your online connections about the technology solutions you provide.


60-90 second explainer video

Video is by far the best way to interact with your online connections.  Every month you will receive a 60-90 second technology explainer video that you can use across social media accounts.


 The lead magnet

A monthly downloadable media resource that you can use to help market your IT business.  This will help generate a list of contacts that are interested in your services.

All this for $124.99(£99)/month (50% off 1st month) plus these bonuses

Bonus 1:  Cyber Search Plugin

Plugin for your website that allows your visitors to enter thier email and search the HaveIBeenPowned API.  A powerful lead magnet, all the interaction stays on your website.

Bonus 2: Monthly Masterclass

Every month we answer our members with a live masterclass where you can join and take part.

Bonus 3: Learn how a 10 year Google veteran grew his IT sales using search marketing.

Free paper back copy of 2019's hottest MSP book "Bear Attack SEO for managed service providers".

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If you don’t love IT Rockstar's package, call or email us and we’ll refund every penny immediately.

Frequently asked questions

What existing customers have asked us before buying:

What if my competitors are already using your product?

You get the opportunity to lock out the competition. We can only supply this content to one IT company locally. 

This means there are no duplicate marketing efforts in any one region. However, it also means our subscription is only available to one IT company per area.

Your details are checked against our database at the time of order. If there is a local competitor, we will add you to a wait-list, and you will not be charged.  

Why should I pick IT Rockstars when other marketing companies are offering similar services?

It’s simple – our premium content writers have worked in the IT industry. Both on the operation side (engineer/tech) and the sales side (business development). We know the IT buyer mindset and can help translate your technology solutions to the white label marketing articles.

While our competitors offer a very similar marketing service they don’t have the IT industry experience.

How long do I have to subscribe for?

Our service is charged on a monthly basis. You can cancel at any time with no notice required.

Can I see some example material?

Of course you can.  Simply sign up for the 1 month trial (50% off) to access all materials. Cancel at any time. 

I'm based in (USA/UK/Canada/Australia) what's the deal with international subscriptions?

We provide US, UK & Australian voice narration on our explained videos.


White label articles come in both US & UK English spelling.

All prices are in United States dollars and will be converted to your local currency by payment operator at the time of purchase.

Is the subscription really worth $124.99(£99)/month?

Absolutely! Consider that landing one new client will pay the subscription many times over (we won't bore you with the math).

But we want you to be the judge, here's the plan.

1) Sign up for the 1-month free trial.

2) Access the premium area and follow the process of posting the content on your social accounts

3) At the end of the 1-month trial make up your mind. You can cancel anytime.

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If you don’t love IT Rockstar's package, call or email us and we’ll refund every penny immediately.

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