Who should we feature on IT Rockstars?

90% of our interviewees are referred by community members, like you. Take a look at our criteria and if you or someone you know meets it, fill out the form below.

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Must haves:

* Interviewee must be passionate about a particular technology/product or process.

* The interviewee’s company should have accomplished something that an audience of business owners would find useful in applying to their business. Examples:

* Transformed a business using a piece of technology, story on how this was done and how it benefited the business.

* Have a story to tell about the business or technology/process.

We prefer:

* Tech-oriented companies/consultants (IT infrastructure/support, software, hardware, mobile apps, web content).

* Any founder who failed and wants to share the story.
* Anyone who does something that small & medium businesses are dying to do well, and can teach them. For example, securing an IT system.

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