Give a man a fish and he'll eat for one day - give him a fishing net.....You know how this saying goes.  I tricked you here. 

There are 153 content ideas at the bottom of this post as a bonus.  In this guide I'm goingto show you how I created these topics.  This will help you create your own content topics and calendar for your Technology business.

A warning - I copied this system from someone else, someone I admire and someone that is extremely successful in the field of marketing.

Let me be straight content is the number one thing you have to master if you plan to market your IT business using video or the written word.

What I am going to disclose to you will change the way which you plan, produce and publish content.

Be that to a blog post or video as outlined in this article.

Your audience is number one.

Speaking about your greatness new whiz-bang service, tool or product is not what your audience (prospects) care about.

I am guilty of this myself, producing a video that speaks about our greatest new service. Hell, I did it only two days ago when we released our Cyber Search WordPress plugin that allows IT companies to embed the HaveIBeenPwned search on their website.

This plugin has taken some time to produce and at cost. I was excited to "launch" it to my audience and connections and produced a number of videos, LinkedIn posts and other material to promote it.

I'm now second-guessing myself as the tool is awesome, it records who enters their email in the search bar, perfect for prospecting clients coming to your website and doing a search.

However, I've failed 100% to market it.


All the material that I have produced for this plugin has been about the plugin. I did not have the audience in mind, what do they care about, what do they want? Where are they in their journey?

This is marketing 101!

It's easy to miss, but any piece of content you produce, written word or video must be serving your audience.

What are their pain points, where are they in their business? What technology are they using what are they concerned about?

If you can frame your mind to these questions and carry this through the content you have won my friend, your competitors will be left in the dust.

However that's not the whole battle with content, there's the problem of coming up with topics and things to speak about.

What system do you use for that, how do you plan a content calendar, be it in your head or on paper?

Two items which I will now detail to you will serve this purpose.

1) Content pillars (you're why)
2) A to B approach.

Content pillars

Content pillars are the made up of three overarching things your business stands for, the reason why you are in business and what you serve to the market.

These pillars keep you on track and on topic. It is extremely easy to diverge in all manner of areas, especially when you go live consistently for the course of 30 days to the camera.

The pillars are what keeps your content grounded and have meaning.

These pillars are something you must construct yourself, but I will give you examples.

The first is the pillars IT Rockstars uses to offer its monthly membership service to the market.

The pillars are:

1) Build an audience; do this by forming in your mind your ideal client. This can be done by looking at the existing clients that make you the most money and are the easiest to work with. Then connecting with similar businesses on LinkedIn.

2) Educate that audience; do this by posting out conistent, quality content that helps that audience.

3) Follow up; do this by picking up the phone and reaching out to your newly found connections 3-6 months after connecting and posting useful content.

Any video or blog post that is produced for the IT Rockstars membership must be aligned to one of these three content pillars. It's that simple.

Here's a good example if content pillars I would use if I still ran an MSP:

1) Be Secure; An obvious pillar in today's age - this pillar has endless topics but I would stress the most important is staff security awareness. I'm sure you would agree.

2) Be prepared; DR plan that is documented and tested on a regular basis. A backup process that checks the actual restores work and time involved in restoring.

3) Be on the cutting edge; This plays into the hands of digital transformation a digital optimisation. When I ran my first break-fix shop I was one of the only local businesses at the time that migrated customers email from Exchange on-prem to Google Apps (2010) or thereabouts. I am always ahead of the game, BPOS was still in its infancy.

Now that you have seen these two examples of content pillars, it's now your turn to come up with yours.

When you have you can use the content pillars as a guide to creating content that relates to one of the pillars.

I have a rule of thumb that I never use the same pillar twice in a row.

For example Monday I might be going live to the camera about a recent cyber breach, you won't hear me talking about cybersecurity on Tuesday - it would be another pillar.

This adds a layer of freshness to your content.

Now that you have your content pillars it's time to actually create content that aligns to them.

The easiest way to do this is by getting your head into your prospects way of thinking.

What bad situation might they be in at the moment - we call this situation point A.

It's your job within your content to help them get to point B.

I've coined this as the A to B approach. It's simple and effective.

The A to B approach

We want to help our prospects in the content we produce to get from point A to point B, we want the content to be actionable and something that can take action on to achieve this new destination.

Here's an example:

Point A: Prospect is worried about email phishing.

Step 1) Educate on MFA/2FA and how this can help with phishing
Step 2) Educate on staff awareness of phishing
Step 3) Free service (Office 365 ATP)

Point B: Less worried about email phishing

In this example, we have three videos we can now produce that relate to one of our content pillars (Be secure).

The steps, or as I like to call them stepping stones are our topic ideas. These can be educational, knowledge that you have. Or something that has happened, perhaps a story or something related to a news item or colleague.

These stepping stones are the nuggets of gold that will bring you new prospects. Just remember you must be helpful when you do so your prospects start to trust you and will be more forthcoming when it comes time to follow up.

Your Offer

Now that you know about content pillars and the A to B approach the last thing you must include in all your content is your offer.

This is a hook or a reason for your prospect to take action.

This is where many of your competitors will fail. They will fail to have an offer in their video, instead, they'll say something like "if you need help get in touch with us". Or "contact us today for a free quote".

This is weak. Prospects are likely not to budge, you have to have an offer for your prospect to take some form of action.

The offer should ideally be mentioned at the start of your video, halfway through and at the end. People's attention spans are limited in today's world so you need to make sure you're covering your bases.

Example offer:

"If you're looking to generate more qualified leads for your IT business, check out the free trial of our service at"

This statement is our offer of membership and I repeat these words at least twice in any video I publish. You must do the same for your IT business.

To recap;

Your content must serve your audience or prospects and potential new clients at all times.

Your content must be aligned to your content pillars, what your business stands for.

Your content must be helpful, this can be achieved by using stepping stones, your audience is at point A and the job of your content is to get them to point B.

Your content must always include an offer of your service or product. Without this, you are a charity case.

153 Content Ideas for your IT business.

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Scott Millar //  IT Marketing Geek