Windows 11 is almost here. Can you believe it's been six years since Windows 10 was officially released?

2015 seems like a lifetime ago - and if your anything like me, you're probably feeling slightly older knowing that Windows 10 is six years old!

I'm sure you've upgraded the majority of your clients over to Windows 10 from Windows 7. There was a big fuss about the last OS going out of support and why clients needed to upgrade.

Windows 11, however, seems like a harder sell. It might just be me, but at 1st glance, the majority of changes seem somewhat cosmetic.

In this article, I will outline an approach to prepare and market an upgrade to Windows 11 for your existing client base.

I'm drawing on multiple marketing channels for this approach and detailing what I would do if I were looking for a blockbuster sales year.

1) Download the leaked ISO and preview the OS to your LinkedIn audience.

The ISO is readily available and can easily be installed on a VM. I've got it sitting on a surface laptop here and have "had a play".

If I were a technology advisor (like yourself), the first thing I would do is a preview and demo of the new OS in a recorded video to my LinkedIn audience. Giving your first impressions of the OS and what you like and what you dislike.

An easy win and there will be many that are interested in your take of the OS.

You'll find that video works best here as people want to see what it looks like. Remember to create a build-up to the video with multiple posts going out over a week detailing the day and time you plan to preview the OS.

2) Explain the business outcomes of an upgrade to Windows 11 in a weekly email update.

It's easy to get trapped into the features on the new OS but keep in mind your prospects and clients want business outcomes.

Yes, Teams is now integrated into the OS, but what does that mean to there day to day tasks? How will that help them? Faster, better performance with fewer drops in calls. A more professional and reliable setup when doing business remotely. Remember to think in terms of the outcome of the new features - how that translates to make their life easier, productivity better and business growth.

3) Agitate the pain point in multiple blog posts.

The most significant pain point for most businesses has to be the requirement for a TPM chip.

MS is making a TPM chip mandatory as part of the install.

This is a massive hardware upgrade opportunity for you.

The TPM chip helps protect local data on client devices as an added bonus. All those cheap clients that somehow manage to skip a laptop upgrade during the pandemic have little choice now - if they want to upgrade to the new OS, they'll need new compatible hardware.

Use the current chip shortages as a warning - hardware upgrades should be done now before the rush and holiday season; otherwise, they could be waiting over a year to get their hands on compatible hardware.

4) Create a Good, Better, Best Windows 11 Upgrade Menu

We all know that most are working on laptops now due to the hybrid approach to work. I'm sure you've had someone come up to you and ask - how do I choose the right laptop?

Well, answer this question with a menu choice.

Choose the three systems you would sell as part of a Windows 11 upgrade i3, i5 & i7 -you get the idea give the client a choice, and they are far more likely to choose one option instead of just asking them to upgrade with no choice.

With the spec and your price, get your go-to graphics person to spec out a printable PDF brochure. This can be used along with a cover letter and/or inclosed with your print newsletter (something we offer our members here at IT Rockstars)

You'll find hard copy advertising like this sent to the decision-makers will go a long way in today's digital-first world. Most are no longer expecting mail in the post, and you'll be presently surprised if you follow up with the contacts you mail out to using the phone -old school but works well if you are prepared to put in the effort.

What to do next?

Take action - get that leaked version of Windows 11 loaded and record a video. Get started with the process, and you'll find it quickly comes together once you press the record button.

Sometimes the smallest roadblocks can get in our way - and we get distracted. We've seen this before with our members, and that's why we've recently launched our MSP Peer groups which are now part of the premium membership here at IT Rockstars.

If you want a helping hand with all this marketing stuff and some direction, then there's nothing stopping you from taking action and working with us.

Upgrade your marketing OS today and become a member of IT Rockstars.