Is an afterthought.

Usually, something that is tasked by the website design agency that is employed to create a beautiful form functioning website for your business.

There is a big but, the platform most agencies use. Usually a shared hosting provider.

A shared hosting provider will take your website and host it with many others on the same server. This keeps costs down and the agency can make a good profit in the cost of a recurring monthly website hosting fee.

However, the shared hosting platform is flawed in 3 ways;

  1. Shared hosting means when one website is busy (has a lot of traffic to it) the others on the same server will slow down.
  2. Having multiple websites on the same hardware is a security risk. If one of the sites become the victim of a cyber attack due to updates not being applied then this can leave your website open to vulnerabilities also.
  3. Performance is generally slower on a shared host. Google love fast loading websites, this is because 80% of all web traffic is now mobile and fast web sites matter mobile connections with limited bandwidth. Your website may be lower in the search engine results simply because it’s slower.

What does this mean for your business? Loss of sales, potential customers are searching for your services online but due to your load time you are ranked lower in the Google search.

The solution is dedicated web site hosting.

If you are concerned about your website hosting the first thing to check is the website speed. This can be done on a speed checker, there are various available. Ideally, test on more than one-speed test tool:

Anything above 90% is great. If your site scores less than 90% then it may be down to several reasons including your current hosting provider.

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