In this article, I'm going to outline a marketing process that all IT companies and MSPs should be doing but are not.

It's such a simple process, and it's so clear, but 99% of managed service provides will refuse to do it.

Adding insult to injury, this process helps you have both a competitive advantage in the marketing process.

And you'll be the prefered vendor when it comes time to sell to a client.

Can you guess what I might be talking about?

Video, specifically daily live videos.

The case for video.

Information overload in all social channels is upon us. How many times have you had to send an email to remind someone about something (and I'm not just talking about paying an invoice)?

Everybody or at least 99% of the population are glued to their phone and on content overload. The phone is the new TV, just like the TV replaced the radio.

How do you cut through the noise?


It's not just about being heard though; it's about forming a connection.

Yes, you can post super helpful content about your technology solution in a 500-1000 word article that engages your reader, this works. (You're reading this of course!)

But it's missing something, the personal connection.

I'm sure you know of at least one person on social media that posts videos regularly and I bet your either love them or hate them.

Either way, they've formed a personal connection with you. It's maybe one-sided as they don't know you but you sure as heck probably know a lot about them.

I'm not going to try and convince you to start recording videos - that would be stupid as you've probably got the perfect excuse. Here are some of the best ones I've heard this week:

I'm not comfortable in front of a video.

I'm worried about what people may think.

I'm not sure what I'd talk about.

I don't have the right camera.

I don't have editing software.

My existing clients will think I've lost it.

This list is almost endless.

All I'm going to state is if you start creating a daily live video you will have such an unfair advantage in both the marketing of your IT business but also when it finally comes time to sell you'll win hands down.

That fact, coupled with the fact that hardly any of your competition is doing this or doing it wrong is the reason why you need to start today.

IT Rockstars is proof of this concept. If you follow us on Facebook or LinkedIn you'll know the brand and me.

If you don't follow us then that's cool - you are being retargeted to with our daily videos as I'm tracking you right now as you read with the following retargeting pixels:

Google (Youtube & Google Display network)

There's no reason why your IT website can't be doing the same thing here.

Anyway, the proof is in our growth; we started daily videos Jan 1st 2019. To date, we've grown to have 50+ signups.

This is all thanks to a 2-3 minute video I recorded on the fly with no production value, just going live every day.

Here's the type of thing i'm talking about:

What made it work was the formula I used for the content of the videos.

This formula is known by the likes of Gary Varner Chuck, Frank Kern & Grant Cardone etc.

Content Pillars.

The content pillars are your core messages you want to be known for.

To give you an example, the average MSP may choose these core pillars:

1) Security
2) Be prepared (backups)
3) Competitive advantage (digital optimisation/transformation)

These three content pillars are the core messages you want to be known for.

Then all you have to do is pick a topic around either service you provide that relates to these pillars or something that's happened to you or a member of your team during the day.

Stories work particularly well if you have a story and can relate it to your content pillars then your going to win at this.

The 2nd part of this formula is by providing value in every video. Something that your audience (potential customers) can use and take action on today.

The 3rd is the simple bit, the mention of your website at both the start and end of your video and why people might want to go there.

To wrap this up - live video outperforms by far any other form of content you post online.

If you'd like to get started in marketing your IT business, then check out the homepage where you can sign up for a one month free trial of the IT Rockstars membership.

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