The Purpose (Why we do this)

IT Rockstars exists to empower Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to reach their full growth potential. We believe in the transformative power of technology and effective marketing, and we are passionate about helping MSPs stand out in the competitive technology market.

The Process (How we do this)

We deliver on our purpose through a unique blend of cutting-edge technology (automation & AI), strategic marketing practices, and valuable industry knowledge. We offer resources, tools, and training specifically tailored to the MSP industry, helping our clients improve their marketing strategies, generate more leads, and secure more business.

IT Rockstars Membership (Our service to you)

We provide MSP-specific marketing services, including SEO-optimized website content, lead generation strategies, and training courses. In addition, we support strategic delegation through our AI-powered automation tools. These resources are all designed to drive transformative growth for MSPs.

Scott Millar

Self-confessed MSP Marketing Geek and founder of IT Rockstars. Scott has an extensive career in the IT Channel Geeks out on copy writting & landing pages for MSPs.

Jacqui Ord

Jacqui is our "Happiness Engineer" has a fresh outlook and works with our members.

Sergey Skrypnik

With over 7 years of extensive experience in editing video for individuals and businesses Sergey produces some of our monthly premium IT marketing videos for our members.

Kelvin Sackeyfio

Our sales development representitive.  Kelvin loves listening and helping MSPs achieve thier business growth.

Raisul Islam

Our data miner he helps build and clean prospect lists for our members.  Want to know the top 100 local business in your area?  Raisul can generate a clean list with accurate data in a few hours. 

Ahmed Zaeem

Our senior Graphics Guru -Transforming complex and technical information into captivating, stunning and easy-to-understand Infographics, Presentations and Lead Magnets.

Aditya Pati

Aditya helps create our monthly white label news letters for our members. Specializing in creating designs that capture attention at the first glance. A master in Canva.