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By Scott Millar •  Updated: 09/04/22 •  7 min read
Key Take Aways:

    Outsource, in-house or hybrid? This all depends on the resources you have and the maturity of your MSP. In an ideal world, all parts of your MSP marketing process would be done in-house, as this adds value to your company when it’s time to sell.

    In simple terms, there are four areas that MSP marketing can be broken down into:

    4 key areas of the MSP marketing process

    Prospective Customers

    Prospecting should always be done in-house no matter what maturity stage the MSP is at. This is the process of detailing exactly who you are going to market to and what type of business would be an ideal fit for you to take on as a new customer.

    No one knows your business better than you, and we’ve put together the perfect MSP prospecting process for you to follow.

    Other resources to get you started when it comes to building a list of possible future clients include:

    1) MSP Niches & Industry Verticals (Includes evergreen recession-proof opportunities)

    2) Quick Win Referral Sources (How to get immediate leads with no marketing required)

    Qualified Leads & The Follow-Up

    Quote about the IT industry

    When you start marketing to a targeted list of companies you’ve planned in the prospecting stage, you must have a follow-up process.

    The individual decision-makers within your prospect list will have seen your marketing both online and offline. If you know anything about managed services and IT support, we can be agreed it’s not the sexiest industry as such, and most of these prospects will not respond to your marketing – you have to make the first move to initiate the relationship.

    This is what is known as the follow-up, a warm call on the phone by you, one of your sales team or an outsourced sales development representative.

    Without the follow-up process, your MSP marketing efforts will fall flat on its face and, simply put, is a crucial part of any MSP marketing strategy.

    Sales Funnel Management

    The pre-sales pipeline – this is where you and your team manage the prospects through a service of touchpoints to achieve that first introductory meeting. This should all be managed within the software.

    3 essential MSP marketing solutions you need to prioritize

    Marketing Software

    An email marketing platform is essential and correct DMARC/DNS SPF will help with deliverability – the real work begins with growing an email list – which can be solved with our guide on how to grow a highly responsive email list.

    There’s also the need for a Sales CRM in your marketing – yes, you need a sales CRM for marketing as it will help you further down the line when it comes to managing those hot prospects and the touch points you or your team need to be making with them. The one key feature you need to fully understand is activity management. It’s simple and often overlooked by many when using a CRM; however, activity management will help you and your team become more effective in closing deals.

    Search Engine Marketing

    Quick wins when it comes to gaining top positions with search engine optimization. These can be implemented in less than 4 hours of work, as detailed in the MSP SEO Masterclass.

    bear attack seo search results

    Marketing Automation for MSPs

    It is now possible to automate up to 75% of the marketing process with services such as IT Rockstars, which will show you how and provide the marketing material you need every month to build the right type of awareness. Out with the automation mentioned in the IT Rockstars membership, there are three key areas you need to master in the MSP marketing world – this includes:

    Social Media Marketing

    Specifically running retargeting ads for those prospects that engage in your marketing activities (see our MSP Facebook Ad guide). If you have run any type of online ad in the past, you’ll have learned the only type that work is retargeting – for an MSP, the “IT buying decision maker” is too difficult to target retargeting, however, is a big win.

    linkedin sign

    Building a highly engaging Facebook Group for local business owners to join. This allows you to corral an audience of potential customers and publishes content to them regularly. (see the MSP Facebook Group Guide)

    How To Use Premium MSP marketing material & content

    Your marketing has one job – to position you and your team as the local technology leaders in the area. All of the marketing materials you put out into the world should have this goal.

    Here are some great examples of the type of material you can acquire right here on this website:

    [BONUS] 58 MSP marketing-focused services & companies

    There are many other options you can take to marketing your MSP – fellow marketeers Paul Green and Kevin Clune published the “MSP Growth Guide” back in 2020 – the information within it is still relevant today. We’ve taken the liberty and updating the original list of MSP marketing service providers and breaking them down into categories for you.

    Our final word before you dive into the list:

    IT Rockstars is just one of many services and solutions you could choose from. What makes us different is our industry experience – we used to be an MSP before we pivoted the company to help transform the way MSPs market and sell their IT service.

    We have two options a “done with you solution” starting at $149.99/month – this is our standard membership, and we’ll show you how to automate the marketing process as much as possible, provide you with fresh new marketing content every month and help you build and maintain a pre-sales pipeline.

    Our other option is a “done for you” service. It’s a white glove, and we’ll implement the marketing automation and follow-up process- we charge a commission-based fee that depends on the number of meetings we get in your diary.

    However, we will let you be the judge of that with the offer of a one-month free trial – sign up today.

    Here’s is the complete list of MSP-specific marketing services, coaches and consultants that are currently available on the market:

    CompanyLocationEmployeesYear FoundedSolution Type
    ChartecUSA11-502009MSP Sales Training
    DaVinci MSP coachingUSA5-101998Coach
    eBrige Marketing SolutionsCanada1-52001Agency
    Erick SimpsonUSA1-52018Coach/Consulting
    Hot ProspectsUK1-52020Service
    Incredible ResultsUK5-102012Agency
    IT ExpertsUK1-52016Coach
    IT RockstarsUSA/UK1-52016Service
    Jump FactorCanada11-502017Agency
    Left LeadsAustralia1-52019Agency
    Lemonade StandUSA11-502012Agency
    Managed Sales ProsUSA11-502014Service
    Marketing For MSPsUSA1-52008Agency
    MSP Advantage ProgramUSA201-5002014Service
    MSP Growth HacksUSA1-52019Consulting
    MSP LaunchpadNetherlands1-52020Agency
    MSP Marketing EdgeUK1-52017Service
    MSP SEO FactoryUSA1-52015Service
    MSP SparkUSA1-52020Service
    Next Gen Sales AcademyUK1-52007Coach
    Not A Business CoachUK1-52020Coach
    Osprey Strategic ResearchUSA11-502013Service
    Pronto MarketingUSA51-2002008Agency
    Richard TubbUK1-52011Coach
    Scott Digital MarketingUSA5-102009Agency
    Simple SellingUSA1-52018Service
    Small Biz ThoughtsUSA1-52010Coach
    Stuart WarwickUK1-51999Coach
    Tech Marketing EngineUSA1-52008Service
    Tech Pro MarketingUSA1-52017Agency
    Technology Marketing ToolkitUSA10-502017Service
    The IT Marketing FactoryUK1-52006Agency
    The Tech TribeAustralia1-52016Service
    The Wiser AgencyUSA5-102014Agency
    Tri DigitalUSA11-502014Agency
    TSL MarketingUSA201-5001999Agency
    Valu8 IT MarketingUK1-52019Agency
    Vertical AxionUSA11-502012Agency
    Xeo MarketingCanada11-502015Agency
    XO MediaAustralia5-102013Agency
    Your Sales EnergyUSA1-52013Agency

    Scott Millar

    As a systems engineer at heart, Scott saw an opportunity at a young age in generating leads to his break-fix computer repair business using online marketing techniques. This evolved into the managed service space where Scott has worked for over 15 years. Now he’s helping fellow MSPs and IT business owners generate more leads and win more sales. IT Rockstars offers IT businesses the opportunity to build a process into their business that will generate a steady, reliable stream of warm leads using proven digital marketing strategy and tactics.