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Are you looking to improve your IT business operations? Nigel Moore is the self-proclaimed "Tribe Leader" at The Tech Tribe.

I spoke with Nigel last year about what his service offers MSP's and am going to share with you a short review of the service.

I'm going to be brutally honest in this review - stating what I like and what could be improved.

As a bonus, we've been given a discount/coupon code for anyone interested in signing up to the service at the bottom of this article.

Before we get stuck into The Tech Tribe, it's worth noting Nigel's background in the IT industry.

He ran and sold a successful IT business based in Ultimo, Australia. A quick trawl on LinkedIn he looks to have been active from around July 2007- 2016.

The internet archive has some useful snapshots of his old company website from 2009.

Moore Technology Website (2016 archive.org snapshot) 

A little more recent (2016) we can get a feel for the company structure which lists Nigel with a team of 5 (2 engineers).

From this, we can gather he knows what he is speaking about, and that is obvious in the content provided within The Tech Tribe.

I've been a member of the Tech Tribe for just over 9 months and I'm going to share my thoughts with you on if it's worth the money.

The main areas of The Tech Tribe:

  • 1
    IT Operations content library
  • 2
    Community Forum
  • 3
    Monthly "Tribal Gatherings."

IT Operations Library

I'll be honest with you the current price tag just for the content library alone is well worth the money.

No matter how small or big your IT company is there will be something of value in it.

To give you an example - I've worked in an MSP for a number of years which was fairly established locally.

I then went on to run my own MSP and have a good few years behind me.

There are however things within the Tech Tribe's content library I'd never seen and which made perfect sense.

Why on earth was I doing business without them?

For me personally, it was the "IT Takeover Pack".

You know that difficult bit in the IT sales cycle when you've won the client over and need to get the infrastructure credentials etc from the incumbent IT supplier.

Nigel's come up with a clean easy to fill in template (PDF format) you can use.

The other gem in this library has to be the "Technology Roadmap Template" - this is the free report/IT audit, which can be implemented as part of the sales cycle.

Nigel makes the hassle of presenting current IT infrastructure in plain English painless to the client.

Community Forum

The forums are a great idea and something that works publicly. As an example the sub reddit MSP.  I totally get the benefit of a private forum where IT business owners can ask questions.

There are some handy threads in the forum, but I know most IT business owners don't have time to participate.

Reddit MSP Forum (Public)

It's a great place to learn solutions to common every day problems.  As an added bonus there are a number of vendors that also participate.

While the vendors (me included) don't go banging on about our service/product we seem to be the most active in responding.

I put this down to the fact that forum activity is limited as Nigel sometimes closes the doors on becoming a Tech Triber. 

Monthly Tribal Gatherings

Similar to the monthly IT Rockstars masterclasses - Nigel and usually a guest help solve some real IT business pain points.

The most recent I've watch live is was a gathering all about marketing your MSP (you'd think I know it all).

Others include converting Adhoc clients to monthly "managed" clients.

The main benefit the gatherings offer has to be Nigel delivery and experience. There are knowledge bombs that are not apparent in the library or forums that he pulls out.

He also has a very positive personality, which is something I aspire to one day!

While the timing of the live tribal gatherings is usually a bit awkward due to where Nigel is based, you can access all of the previous meetings free of charge. I actually think Nigel should be charging for the recordings as they are gold!


There are other benefits to The Tech Tribe, including vendor discounts, member directory map & one-to-ones with the Tribe leader.

Would I pay the price if I ran an IT business? Definitely.

As already mentioned, no matter how many years you've been running your MSP or if you're starting, there's something for everyone.

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